3-6-17 The Hate Show: “A Deeper Look At Hate Groups & The meaning of Hate Itself!

The Hate Show:
“A Deeper Look At Hate Groups &
The meaning of Hate Itself!
Where’s the line between Hate,
disagreements & dislike?”


“What does the Bible, Qur’an Or other promintate Holy Books say about hate?”

Why Is the Energy Of HATE So POWERFUL?

Do black folks derive a Sense of power from hating other blacks; if so is this the same hate taught to us by our ultimate Haters… Racist White Folks? Or did we as the first humans teach them the art of HATE?

True Or False?
To Self Hating Black man or woman, white men & women as well as men & women of other races represented everything that black men & women weren’t?

Can Love really be converted to Hate?

What exactly is a self-hating black man or woman?

How are indifference and Hate related, if at all?

True Of False?
Hatred is a poison that destroys us from within,
producing bitterness that eats away at our hearts and minds?

with so many countries following European beauty standards, could it be deduced that the western beauty industrial complex sells self-hate to 3rd world countries?

Becuase Of Racism Do Some Hate Crimes Hold More Social Weight than others?

Becuase Of Slavery & Jim Crow Conditioning have Blacks begun to HATE BLACKS as much as the creators of these social practices?

True or False?
Enslaved Africans were taught to hate their dark skin.
Thus, many Black people have a strong dislike for their skin tone today?

What is the Real Meaning of Hate?

True Or False?
in the Dominican Republic, many Blacks refer to Spain as their homeland?

How are Hate and Evil Related?

True Or False?
Many Black people all over the Americas intentionally deny their African heritage?

What is a hate crime?

True Or False?
In 2017 many Black people still don’t like their natural hair so they use relaxers,
perms and other techniques to straighten their hair?

Why do hate crimes occur?

True Or False?
Enslaved Blacks were taught that they were unintelligent and was denied access to education. Thus, today, many black people may look to other groups to teach them how to solve problems, rather than developing education institutions?

How often do hate crimes happen?

Who commits hate crimes?

Where do hate crimes usually occur?

Are hate crimes decreasing or increasing?

Is there an increase in hate crimes following a national crisis or during other stressful times?

How do hate crimes affect local communities?

What can we do to prevent the spread of hate-motivated behavior?

Are there any statistics available on youth-initiated hate crimes?

Can a hate crime be committed with words alone?

Does bias have to be the only motivation to charge someone with a hate crime?

Are light skinned african-American/Indian/filipino/Jamaican/Caribbean/African women more appealing/ nicer looking than darker skin sisters from these same countries?

Are you an extremely dark person who’s despartly seeking a light skinned spouse for the purpose of producing Brown skinned child?

Do you think interracial dating/marriages are on the rise because of the centuries old Colorism hierarchy amongst Blacks folks?

What are some of the more extreme religious views regarding dark skin color?

Does the bible actually condem Black skin?

via 3-6-17 The Hate Show: “A Deeper Look At Hate Groups


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