3-8-17 Zo Williams’ VOR Show “Simp’n Vs. Serving” In Intimate Relationship

((( Simp’n Vs. Serving )))
In Intimate Relationship, who deserves serving,
and when does serving cross the line into simping?
The Science Of Cap’N Save’em Vs. Cap’n Rasie em:”

Show Intro:

We all find ourselves in need of someone’s assistance at one time or another. If we are wise we thank those who have assisted us as we regain our composure, we repay our debts and we learn from our experiences.

Often we find ourselves in a position to help others. Again, if we are wise we assist those who need us without exacting some hidden toll. Wisdom dictates that we give graciously and receive humbly. This way, both parties are respected.

In tonight’s show, we will take an investigative look into the world of sugar momma’s and cat’s that mack with their wallets, of damsels in distress and knight’s in shining armor. Tonight exclusively on The Voice of Reason Show with Zo Williams, we will shed light on the concealed motives behind secret identity of that age old protector of the weak and needy. Tonight we will expose, The White Knight! AKA Captain save ‘em!

“Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. In ancient India seva was believed to help one’s spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of a community.

Seva: Service.


True Or False?
Is Respect an evaluative Process, if so one must be well vetted in order to receive yours?

True False?
The expectations you have for someone else are directly related to what you think you deserve?

Has Female Empowerment Made it Exceedingly Difficult for MEN to be Chivalrous?

Is/Has chivalry manipulative & sexist?

Is Chivalrous behavior simping to the mellenial woman?

True Or False?
The Way People Interact today has made Chivalry seem like Old School Weaknees?

True Or False?
Serving your Spouse by Spurring them on to greater spiritual
maturity is one of the greatest investments you can make in his life?.

True Or False?
Serving your parnter can be as easy as Using kind words – what comes out of your mouth makes a big difference in your relationship?

True Or False?
serving your spouse doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself entirely. Obviously you still get to have a say in what you do and keep your “backbone”?

True Or False?
Serving your spouse, doesn’t mean beckoning to their every call?

True Or False?
Being Debt Free, is An Excellant way to serve your Spouse?

What are most simps seeking to get out of the situation?

True Or False?
For some rescuers, their inner saviors are the byproduct of their own problematic self-esteem issues?

True Or False?
I think we’d all like it if neither spouse ever had to sacrifice to serve the other. But the best acts of service require sacrifice—sacrifice of time, personal preference or both?

True false?
Women run the risk of becoming female Simps/relationship-servants when they Try To Change Him Or Don’t Accept Him As He Is?

What’s the difference between simping and tricking?

What the difference between serving in relationship and being a servant to your to your partner?

True or False?
It’s easier to become a simp
If You Don’t Know Your Own Value?

Can there be female Simps?

True or False?
women become simps when they chase after the bad boys who treat them poorly?

Have today’s modern men and women/millennial’s confused/mixed the terms Simp’n and serving up ?

Should the act of serving an intimate partner be resevered for a man or woman of a certain financial & educationtional upbrining?

“Are you only attracted to relationships where your need to be needed takes precedence over your own needs?

Is Captain Save’em/The White Knight, A Gold Diggers Wet Dream?

Does the White Knight Of your Relationship show feelings of resent, or ambivalence when you begin to succeed in life?

Are you forever trying to save people from themselves?

Are you making excuses for your partner?

Are you always hungry for reassurance in your relationships?

Do abusive, hurtful, shameful, feelings of neglect from your childhood motivate you to go to the ends of the earth to help whoever you’re in relationship with?

Are you overly involved in your partner’s problems?

Are you always trying to solve your partner’s problems for them?

Do you feel like your love can heal your partner?

R U attracted to needy damaged or helpless people?

Do you engage in relationship heroism to mask a superiority/inferiority complex?
Have you ever fallen in love with someone to compensate for your own weaknesses?

via 3-8-17 Zo Williams’ VOR Show “Simp’n Vs. Serving” In Intimate Relationship – YouTube


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