SG: Sean Nicols aka Nathan Threat 3-13-17 The Dogmatic Cult of The Dumb

(((( The Dogmatic Cult of The Dumb: A deeper look at the Nature of Intelligence and its counterpart Stupidity ))))


How Much Does Effective Listening skills contibute to one having a high IQ?

What is the difference between General and Specific Intelligence?

How Is the combination of skillful articulation and charisma often mistaken for Intelligence?

Can One have a unusually high intelligence around logic and mathematical skills,
yet be “interpersonally” or “Intra-personally” unintelligent?

Is The I.Q Test racially biased?

What is intelligence based on?

True or False?
Only the unintelligent can be governed?

True or False?
The purpose of government is to govern the masses/unintelligent?

Are effective Street Smarts a function of a very High IQ?

True or False?
Intelligence is, first and foremost, a judgment?

How do you measure intelligence quotient?

Are Human beings Intelligent enough to measure Intelligence?

What is your definition of intelligence?

Is Intelligent decision making spread across different categories, where people may
have a varying I.Q level from category to category?

True or False?
Charles Spearman, who hypothesized that each individual might have a g factor, a general intelligence factor?

Is there a discernable difference between Intelligence and Consciousness?

What do we mean when we say someone is intelligent and is there any scientific basis for defining intelligence?

What’s the Difference between being classified as Stupid or Dumb?

Is the act of showing sympathy for those who cannot appreciate it an act of stupidity?

True or False?
He’s/ She’s intelligent, he’s/ she’s not intelligent, those are quick ways of saying that some behaviors of an individual observed in the past somehow predict how brilliant his next actions will be?

True or False?
Without critical thinking, logical reasoning, causality, and the scientific method, we’d still be living in the dark ages?

How does Black and White Thinking lead to stupidity?

True or False?
Intelligence is an estimate of the quality that we attribute to the decision-making and abstract thinking of people around us?

True or False?
Smart people are collaborative/cooperative Trail Blazers?

True or False?
Smart people know They don’t have all the answers?

True or False?
It is not fashionable any more to make judgments about one’s intelligence or stupidity, but there are certainly some things that people do that make them appear to be stupid?

True or False?
The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years without brains gives many people hope?

True or False?
Smart people are always looking to surround themselves with people smarter than themselves?

True or False?
Stupid people Respond arguments with personal attacks, rather than a valid counterargument?

True or False?
Truly smart people are resourceful problem solvers?

True or False?
Smart people tend to learn from their mistakes, whereas dumb/stupid people tend to repeat them?

True or False?
Smart people know their actions have consequences?

True or False?
Stupidity in a person can manifest as The inability to consider and possibly adapt to new concepts?

True or False?
Stupid people are self-conscious, intimidated, and Uber defensive around people they deem to be smarter than them?

True or False?
Stupid people are defensive, because They know they are stupid?

True or False?
Stupid people Judge people’s intelligence based on one thing?

True or False?
Many Judgements are routinely based on feelings rather than facts?

True or False?
Stupidity is expressed when there is an Excessive reliance on stereotypes when dealing with humans?

True or False?
Stupid people tend to make Decisions rapidly & based on incomplete information?

What are the Characteristics of blind emotional decision making?

What are the characteristics of a stupid person?

Does Living solely in the “NOW”
/Living in the present and refusing to consider long-term consequences equate to being DUMB?

What is the true meaning of intelligence?

Should one be considered stupid if they are Unable to use abstractions when dealing with non-human reality?

True or False?
To the emotional brain, it’s not real unless you can see, touch, taste, or smell it?

True or False?
There are stupid people with high IQs and advanced degrees?

Why are unintelligent people trusting?

True or False?
People make bad decisions because they are using emotion rather than reason?

via SG: Sean Nicols aka Nathan Threat 3-13-17 The Dogmatic Cult of The Dumb – YouTube


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