Cop Who Planted Drugs On Innocent People Cries At Sentencing and Avoids Jail Completely

What a punk coward….

Its 9 strikes and still not out for a crying police officer as the Brooklyn South narcotics detective who was convicted of planting drugs on a woman and her boyfriend was only sentenced to five years’ probation and 300 hours of community service, according to Ben Yakas of The Gothamist.

Former cop Jason Arbeeny, a 14-year NYPD veteran, was previously found guilty of eight counts of falsifying records and official misconduct for planting drugs on innocent suspects, which he claimed he did in order to reach quotas. Arbeeny cried like a little child and had a sob story at his sentencing to help avoid jail time, “I can’t look at myself in the mirror anymore,” Arbeeny told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Gustin Reichbach. “Sir, I am begging you, please don’t send me to jail.”

Rightfully so, Arbeeny should not be able to look at himself in the mirror after he tried to destroy so many lives with his lies.

Arbeeny tearfully apologized to his victims: “My oath went down the window, my pride went out the window,” he said. And Reichbach was moved by his tears: “I came into court this morning determined that the nature of this crime requires some jail time,” he said. “I frankly didn’t expect the defendant, at the 11th hour, to be making these claims.” Arbeeny, who also claimed that his young son is in therapy after threatening suicide over his father’s fate, was facing up to four years in prison.

Arbeeny had been found guilty of “flaking”—planting a twist of crack under a car seat during a Coney Island bust in January 2007—and for doctoring paperwork to make the arrest last. Altogether, “flaking” has reportedly cost the city $1.2 million to settle cases of false arrests, reports Yakas.

During the trial, Justice Reichbach made a direct connection between “flaking” and the arrest quotas which the NYPD has repeatedly denied exist, or referred to as “productivity goals”—Reichbach noted that several witnesses said narcotics officers were expected to make 60 percent of their arrests for felonies and that cops would spread collars around so they could all meet the quotas. He specifically pointed to the “mindset in Narcotics that seemingly embraces a cowboy culture where anything goes in the never-ending war on drugs.”

Should cops be allowed to get away with planting “evidence” and ruining people’s lives because they are “just doing their jobs?” If we continue to allow dirty cops to walk without jail time after they ruin so many lives with their lies, what incentive do they have to be good cops? We can’t let judges get away with this!

via Cop Who Planted Drugs On Innocent People Cries At Sentencing and Avoids Jail Completely – Counter Current News

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