4-17-17 ZoWhat “The Anger-MIS-Management Show”

“The Anger-MIS-Management Show”
A deeper look at when personal boundaries are crossed,
and what to do when your cool is lost!!!How to Bounce Back from an Angry Outburst?


How do I stop anger outbursts?

What makes you lose your temper?

Is It Possible to “Never” Lose your temper?

Is Losing your temper natural, or is it abnormal?

True Or False?
It’s hard to recover when we lose our temper. But it is possible?

How do you control anger in a relationship?

How to Bounce Back from an Angry Outburst?

What is having a bad temper?

Did you just blow your stack?

How Is easy is it to Think before you speak, In the heat of the moment,
why is it so easy to say/do something you’ll later regret?

True Or False?
Losing your COOL happens to the best of us. We all lose our cool sometimes. Even me?

How do I get rid of my anger?

True Or False?
We all get angry sometimes, but if you’re prone to rage bursts that rival The Hulk, it can damage your relationships and even ruin your career?

Do you ever lose your temper? If so, what are you like when you do?
What can push you enough to lose it? If not, why not?

True Or False?

Where in your body do you feel it? Explore the sensations of anger. You may be tempted to try to push them away. Instead, investigate how they feel in the body, noticing gross and subtle fluctuations throughout the field of physical sensation. Do they increase or decrease in intensity? Do they shift? If so, can you track their movement?

Ask yourself a question to help you assess the situation. Is it something you can control?

How to Control Your Temper Before You Lose It?

Does Excusing yourself and step away from the situation work?

Will losing my temper/cool solve anything?

How do you control your anger and your fears?

How do you Stop Yourself Before You React?

What strategies do you use?

What works, what makes things worse?

Name the top three most self-sabotaging beliefs the black community uses when describing itself?

What three character flaws did you discover about yourself resulting from your latest break-up/divorce?

What are your top 5
Self-sabotaging behaviors?

Can the family Peacemaker really be a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
and be the chief cause of many family disputes?

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