4-24-17 ZoWhatShow – THE SCREEN.ACTORS. GUILD of everyday people:SG Michael Colyar

THE SCREEN.ACTORS. GUILD of everyday people:
“A deeper a look at the nature of hypocrisy and its grip on the minds of men!”Questions:

What is a hypocrite?

how are double standards and hypocrisy related?

Do all great human beings, as well as small ones, have flaws?

Should politicians, preachers, thought leaders, and social influencers use their personal shortcomings & flaws as an effective tool to lead their audiences into greater understanding?

How does media affect people and shape their perception of reality?

What is humanity’s biggest flaw?

Is personal accountability hypocrisy’s kryptonite?

Re: Personal Accountability,
Have I allowed victim/entitlement thinking to creep into my life?

Is there someone I need to forgive or apologize to?

How is rigidity in belief, entitlement, and hypocrisy related?

Is it easier to be hypocritical than it is to be personally accountable?

Is Hypocrisy one of the humanity’s biggest flaws?

What relationship do I need to invest more into?

Have I let any anger take a foothold in my life?

If God Designed Humans, How Do We Account for “Design Flaws”?

Can the media help to shape our minds to be pre-deposed to being hypocritical?

Does living in a world that thinks with “Black & White” Logic set the stage for many people to become hypocrites?

What is a religious hypocrite?

Is the human perception somehow flawed?

How does the news media affect our perception of reality? It convinces us that news is not a form of entertainment – but something far more worthy?

What Is a Political Hypocrite?

Is there a skill-set I need to enhance?

True Or False?
Humanity still has a long way to go before we are able to agree on what’s a flaw and what isn’t?

What is a commitment/Martial hypocrite?

are humans conditioned to judge people first and foremost by their actions before understanding where those actions come from?

Do you someone on social media, in politics, or in a serious relationship who’s always acting as if he or she has it all together in life, but in truth, they are a complete fraud?

The Human Race and Condition: What are the biggest flaws in human logic?

What is a Media hypocrite?

Is There a difference in being flawed/Human, and in being an outright Hypocrite?
Or is hypocrisy just part of the human design?

“What does the Bible/other “Holy Books,” say about hypocrisy?”

True or False?
Should we be less idealistic to avoid being hypocrites, or should we hold onto our ideals, even if we can’t always live up to them?

True or False?
The more idealistic we are with our principles, the more vulnerable we are to hypocrisy?

is hypocrisy a natural human flaw the crucible?.

via 4-24-17 THE SCREEN.ACTORS. GUILD of everyday people:SG Michael Colyar – YouTube


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