Black Men Can’t Defend Themselves?! 19-Year-Old Charged For Accidentally Shooting Two Cops He Thought Were Burglars

Juwan Alexander Plummer

Standing your ground, self-defense, and the right to bear arms do not apply to Black people. That’s why 19-year old Juwan Alexander Plummer has been arrested and charged for shooting two of Detroit’s finest whom he thought were the burglars he had called 911 about three times that day.

The officers approached Plummer’s home around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday night shining their flashlights in and around the house. Their squad car was not parked in front of the home and all of the lights on it were off. Plummer was sure that the thieves had returned, grabbed a shotgun, and started blasting.“Several calls of a burglary were made to the police department on this date,” said Chief James Craig. “In fact, three calls were made. One of the individuals in the house, who we believe to be the 19-year old male, fearing for the safety of his family fired from inside the house, armed with a shotgun, striking both officers.”

Now does that sound like malicious intent? Does that sound like Plummer was being reckless or trying to protect his family after calling the police multiple times on April 13 and April 16? Why did it take so long for authorities to respond? Why didn’t they follow procedures that would have clearly identified themselves as law enforcement?

Well, prosecutors could care less about any of that. They are aggressively pursuing Plummer and are trying to make an example out of him. Both officers have only been on the force for two years or less. One was struck in the arm while the other was shot in the face and they think somebody should pay for that.

Plummer Arraignment

“This case is very unfortunate and could have been much worse,” Wayne County prosecutor Kim Worthy asserted. “We simply cannot and will not ignore the alleged actions of the defendant in this case. The victims could well have been a neighbor, or a small child. The lives of these officers, who were doing their jobs, will never be the same and we must hold people accountable for their actions.”

Well, she sure did try. Worthy asked for a high bond and the judge said nah. It was set at $25,000. She asked for house arrest and a GPS monitor—also denied. But Plummer has been charged with a total of eight counts connected with the shooting.

This young man could spend a good chunk of his adult life behind bars all because he was trying to protect his family. Plummer’s life has also been changed by this experience forever. This is exactly why we have to say that Black lives matter. Clearly there are far too many people who don’t believe that they do.

via 19-Year Old Black Male Arrested For Shooting Two Cops In Self-Defense


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