ZoWhat 5-8-17 The Ball Is Life Show! The Art of Getting Black Balled 101

The Ball Is Life Show!
The Art of Getting Black Balled 101:
A Deeper Look at LaVar Ball’s Recent Business MovesQuestions:

What are your thoughts on the price of Lonzo Ball’s new basketball shoe?

True or False?
Lonzo’s shoe is a bonafide boss move, but it’s price point handicaps’ it true impact?

Is Blackballing considered discriminatory?

What harm can come from you being Blacklisted or Defamed?

True Or False?
Being terminated from a job and then blacklisted or defamed, for most workers results in an unimaginable amount of stress, anxiety and depression?

Is Lavar Ball quietly being Blackballed by the major shoe companies?

True or False?
Often, one of the first signs of blackballing is exclusion from company meetings to which you may previously have been invited?

How to Find Out if You’re Being Blackballed?

True Or False?
One Screwed-Up Interview Can Land You on a Blacklist?

True Or False?
There’s a continuum of attitudes you can show about yourself and your desire to get a job. At one end is desperation and at the other is arrogance. You want to fall somewhere in the middle and display a balance of humility and confidence?

True Or False?
Being Blacklisted is when a former employer attempts to prevent or exclude someone from subsequent employment?

Is Colin Kaepernick being blacklisted By the NFL?

Should the African American community “BLACKBALL”/ “BLACKLIST” the NFL if Colin Kaepernick doesn’t get picked up,
would such an action even make a difference?

Are the actions of LaVar Ball, setting Lonzo and his other sons up to be Black Balled Later by the League later on?

Which Former NBA players have been Blackballed out of the league?

Is there a thin line between being Black Balled & or Defamation of Character?

True or False?
Not all firing is a result of blackballing, but if you were fired without cause, it just might be. If your firing is preceded by actions that seem to indicate that your employer is unjustly unhappy with you, a sudden firing might be a sign that you are being blackballed, at the company and even in your industry?

Do you know someone who is being blackballed from employment?

True or false?
If you suspect a previous boss is giving you a bad reference, ask employers if your last supervisor’s opinion played a role in their decision to turn you down?

True or False?
The reach of your employer may extend beyond the office walls. Companies that truly have a beef with an employee might not be satisfied with just dismissing the employee. He may reach out to other companies and put in negative words about the now job-seeking employee?

Did Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas attempt to blackball the Ball family from the sneaker game?

True or False?
The person championing the blackballing may do so by contacting clients with whom the individual or company has formerly worked and encouraging them to no longer engage in business with company or individual?

True or False?
You can hire a professional reference-checking service to contact your references and prior employers and determine if they’re giving you a negative review. These services don’t disclose they’re working on your behalf, so they can ensure that they get the same recommendation employers are receiving?

True or False?
If you don’t want to pay to check your references, you can always do it on your own. It’s best not to make the call yourself because your boss will likely recognize your voice?

True or false?
You can also go straight to the source. Your boss might not tell you the truth if you contact him directly, especially if he’s maliciously attempting to block your job search. However, he might provide clues that he gave an unfavorable review if he knows you’re onto him, even if he doesn’t share exactly what he said about you?

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