ZoWhat 05-15-17 Crisis Click Bait & the “so-called.” rise of Fake News

Crisis Click Bait & the “so-called.” rise of Fake News:


How does the information in fake news make you feel after watching/reading it?

Want to strengthen your ability to tell real news from fake news?

True or False?
If you get your news primarily via social media, try to verify that the information is accurate before you share it?

What is “fake news” anyway?

True or False?
The big news brings out the fakers. And Photo shoppers?

Why should you Compare multiple news sources when trying to get down to the bottom of breaking news?

True or False?
Fake news consists of stories that “report” on so-called facts and information that have no basis in fact, often with specifically fantastic headlines to encourage sharing on social media. Fake news stories cover the gambit of topics, much like real news — politics, yes, but also health, entertainment, gossip, arts and culture, and the list goes on?

True or False?
Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, you are a repeater and reporter of information, both good and bad. It is up to you to apply scrutiny to the information you encounter to avoid passing amplifying the same bad information you hope to filter out?

True or False?
Fake news can be more sensational than reality and lead to a high number of clicks, meaning that stories that get sufficient views can be very profitable?

True or False?
How does it make you feel? Fake news, like all propaganda, is designed to make you feel strong emotions. So if you read a news item that makes you feel super angry, pause and take a deep breath?

True or False?
Also be wary of organizations that blindly quote other news agencies without reliable sourcing?

How long has fake news been around?

What is being done about false news?

True or False?
In the immediate aftermath of a newsworthy event, news outlets will get it wrong.
Details on the ground will be sketchy, for example, a shooter may still be active, all the dead may not be accounted for?

Why must you always question the author of Who wrote it, re any news piece?

True or False?
In the event of breaking news, Don’t trust anonymous reporting news sources?

True or False?
Companies have been accused of being complicit in spreading fake news, and some are beginning to take notice. Both Facebook and Google have committed to stop dealing in advertising with websites known to distribute fake news?

Why am I just hearing about “Fake News” now?

True or False?
Don’t trust stories that cite another news outlet as the source of information?

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