White Supremacist Murdered A Black College Student In Racial Attack


YT is not to be trusted… arms length if not further…

In yet another case of racialized attacks in the United States, a 22-year-old University of Maryland student is accused of fatally stabbing a Bowie State University student.

The random, racially motivated attack happened early Saturday, police say. White supremacist Sean Christopher Urbanski randomly approached Richard Collins III, who was with two friends- one white and one Asian- near a bus stop at the College Park campus around 3 a.m. and stabbed Collins in the chest with a folding knife.

Mainstream media outlets, who have taken the position to protect the system of white supremacy, are already making excuses for the white supremacist terrorist Sean Urbanski, by trying to minimize the heinousness of the attack. Some outlets are claiming that Urbanski was “intoxicated”, as if to imply, it was the alcohol, and not Urbanski’s racial hatred, that was the motivation to murder a random Black man.

The media and law enforcement officials are also trying to claim this attack was not racially motivated, yet Sean Urbanski belongs to a white supremacist Facebook group called “The Alt- Reich”.

The Alt Reich Facebook group is known for posting extremely violent and disgusting anti-Black propaganda in the form of memes and white nationalist rhetoric. So this connection to Sean Christopher Urbanski proves that he had anti-Black bias and his murderous attack was motivated by his anti-Black, white supremacist views.

Now that we see law enforcement and the media doing everything they can to protect these racial attacks on random innocent Black people, what should the Melanoid community do about this?

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