Zo What! 6-12-17 “What Are Those” Does White Fashion = Black Self-Esteem

SG: Javier creator of http://www.AndroidHomme.Com
Show topic:

“What Are Those?”: A deeper look at the psychology behind hidden racism in the fashion industry, & black self-worth/self-esteem as it relates to White owned fashion brands!”

“enclothed cognition definition”
In particular, we posit that wearing clothes causes people to “embody” the clothing and its symbolic meaning. … In enclothed cognition, the link between a physical experience and its symbolic meaning is indirect, as it is the clothes that carry the symbolic meaning.


True or False?
What you wear affects you psychologically. It can profoundly alter your mood?

do white fashion brands raise black self-esteem?

True or False?
Your style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall confidence? #enclothed cognition

True or False?
When we put on a piece of clothing we cannot help but adopt some of the characteristics associated with it, even if we are unaware of it?

True or False?
Individuals whose self-worth was harmed sought affirmation in high-status ( Luxury ) goods?

If Poor People Own ‘Luxury’ Items, Are They Really Poor?

Why do African Americans seem fascinated with wearing White Owed high brand clothing and shoes? Where did the trend come from?

True or False?
Most of us think of our political affiliations as rock solid. But not only can clothes affect our perceived social status, they can even change our political views and attitudes, In one study women who were asked to carry a Prada handbag identified more with conservative, capitalist values than a control group who were given a non-luxury handbag?

True or False?
the visual illusion created by cut and fabric dramatically changes the appearance of your body?

True or False?
Women dress more provocatively when ovulating i.e. when at their most fertile?

True or False?
Feeling low / cranky / upset / sad? While our mental state most definitely affects the way we dress; the reverse may also hold true. What we wear could affect how we cope days when we are depressed, anxious and stressed?

how does what we wear affects how we think?

Is Lavar Ball hurting his son’s chances at acquiring huge endorsements that comes to most NBA stars?

What are your thoughts on the price of Lonzo Ball’s new basketball shoe?

True or False?
Lonzo’s shoe is a bonafide boss move, but it’s price point handicaps’ it true impact?

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