Zo What! 7-3-17 “What’s The Problem With Religion?” SG: KEVIN WESLEY

“What’s The Problem With Religion?”
A deeper look into the potential pitfalls of blind belief in religious Dogma!!!

SG: & Comedian Shang, with Ex-Pastor KEVIN WESLEY


True or False?
God has placed a piece of him in you. That part of God will guide you to the truth. All you have to do is trust yourself?

True or False?
Organized Religion Helps us cope with situations that are out of our control?

True or False?
Religion Doesn’t always mix well with progress and change in society
Separates followers from non-followers, and it can
Can motivate people to be bad?

True or False?
Organized Religion helps to Inspire us to live by “mostly” good moral code?

True or False?
Organized religion helps us to look forward to something after death?

True or False?
Organized religion helps to Give us something/someone to aspire to?

Is God a caring mother/father Source or is it indifferent to the lives it creates?

True or False?
Religion as a whole gives humanity a scapegoat. We all blame it on the will of GOD, or the Devil made me do it?

Why would anyone ever label themselves a specific religion when it all seems so subjective?

What are some undeniable benefits of the church?

True or False?
Does religion promote an unreliable method of gaining knowledge about the world?

What are the Pros & Cons of Religion: Do we need it in society?

Is the will of God separate from our will?

True or False?
The religious practice appears to have enormous potential for addressing today’s social problems?

If God is infallible, why didn’t he make the people who wrote the scripture clearer about the absolute rules and guidelines? Why cause such chaos, a line in the sand even when people believe in the same root faith?


does an unfounded belief that God will give black women a man, serve to keep them single?

Do the Holy Scriptures substantiate GOD’s scriptural pettiness?

Is it acceptable to just pick whatever you feel comfortable with and still call yourself Christian/Wiccan/Jewish/Muslim?

True Or False?
Powerful and repeated evidence indicates that the regular practice of religion has beneficial effects in nearly every aspect of social concern and policy?

Does tithing pay for/ensure a better relationship with God?

Does the black church keep black women single?

If God created everything including homosexuality, Why did He create Gays as an abomination?

Is the Source of all that is a Particular Gender? Is the Source of All that is A Man?

True Or False?
Legislators should seek constitutionally appropriate ways to explore the impact of religious practice on society and, where applicable, recognize its role?

True or False?
If today people lived by rules of the bible rules from Genesis to Revelation, they would be deemed mentally unstable, barbaric or even evil?

Were Kim Burrell and Pastor Shirley Caesar correct about their views on homosexuality?

True or False?
You break it, you buy it and Marry! In the Bible, If a man raped a woman, their punishment was to marry the woman by paying a dowry to the father?

True or False?
Do the Abrahamic religious traditions, in particular, seek to demonize the moral/sexuality, and intellectual
Image of Women?

via Zo What! 7-3-17 “What’s The Problem With Religion?” SG: KEVIN WESLEY – YouTube


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