10-16-17 ZoWhat What exactly is a B.I.E??? NEW #ZoWhat? Show

What Exactly is a “BIE”?Questions:

How can some members within a culturally bereft, empty and self-unaware people be considered “Identity extremists”?

Is the creation of the “BIE” label a clever way to keep some blacks from speaking out about Police brutality and social injustice?

Does the “Nonexistent and
so-called BIE” movement have a philosophy/ideology, if so what is it?

What exactly is the ideology of the non-exist black identity extremist movement?

Which is more of a threat to the American public, the nonexistent “BIE” movement, or the very real
alt-right/KKK/skinhead/etc. etc. movements?

It’s an important question to ask as far-right extremism rises in the US,
but why is the FBI looking for other “so-called” monsters, “Black Identity Extremists.”?

Is The FBI Trying to Make Up a New Kind of Black Terrorist?
Despite a lack of evidence and a surge in white nationalist violence?

True Or False?
Critics of the “B.I.E” Many labels say it’s an attempt to make an official false equivalence between Black Lives Matter activists and white supremacists, who are responsible for the majority of domestic terror attacks and politically-motivated police murders?

Is white criminal culture on autopilot in America?

Is White on White Crime: An Unspoken American Tragedy?

Don’t White People Kill Each Other, Too? Isn’t this White on Crime? Are the perpetrators of these crimes Thugs?

When it comes to violence and Criminal behavior, the world over which gender and race is the undisputed WORLD CHAMPION?

Can white supremacy/WHITE Criminal Privilege be labeled as a type of terrorism?

True or false? Is the seemingly passive media representation of white criminal culture a significant problem in American society?

True or false? Is the seemingly passive media representation of white criminal culture a primary source of racial tension in America?

When will moderate whites condemn dangerous White Culture?

Why Is society configured in such a way, that black youth don’t have the room to make the same societal mistakes
(crimes), as their white counter do?

Are African-American males more susceptible to committing crimes in America than any other race or gender?

if so, is this by societal design, or is this behavior innate within the African-American male?

True Or False?
the FBI has a notorious history for spying on and smearing black activists. This is the agency behind the COINTELPRO efforts to undermine civil rights groups, and the infamous attempt to blackmail Martin Luther King into suicide. So it’s not out of character that their response to police brutality is to invent a pretense to criminalize critics, rather than actually deal with police brutality?

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