6 Year Old Tanzanian Creates a High-tech Computer Learning Game

That is dope! What did your 6 year old do today?

A six year old first-grade student from Tanzania has set the internet abuzz after he created a computer learning game called EthanMan.

Ethan Yona, the superhero character in the game, developed the android app at Jakata Kikwete playground at Kidongo Chekundu, Zanzibar to mark the celebrations of the Day of the African Child on June 6.

The game character based on himself is super talented, writes inspirational books, creates learning games and takes kids on multi-learning journeys.

The online community could not comprehend how such a young brain could come up with such a brilliant complex computer game.

Speaking to journalists, Ethan’s mother, Irene Kiwia said that Ethan started working on this project when he was five years old as a result of his passion for games and learning.

Impressed with his son, she went seeking for a company that would enable Ethan to attain his ambition. She was lucky to find a consulting company that deals in education technology.

The education consultant company, i-Learn East Africa, created his first animated book known as “When I Grow Up.”

App EthanMan is available for downloads on android play store whereby kids will be able to read books, play games and keep up with the EthanMan creator, Ethan Yona.

via 6 Year Old Tanzanian Creates a High-tech Computer Learning Game – WeAfrique Nations

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