Lord Jamar & Rah Digga keep it a buck about Quincy Jones, Marlon Brando, & Richard Pryor.

Yanadameen Godcast episode #006
0:00 – 0:31 Intro + Today’s maths
0:32 *Correction on comments made about 2Pac’s conviction*
1:51 *Special guest intro*
2:45 *Rah Digga Welcome to the Godcast*
4:50 *Lord Jamar feels Rah Digga brings a great dynamic to the Godcast*
7:00 *Lord Jamar & Rah Digga on converting negative perceptions*
9:01 *The Quincy Jones claims/revelations – Was it tasteless?*
15:35 _Richard Pryor being bisexual – was it just the “thing of the time”?_
17:38 _Do these claims about Richard Pryor change your perception of him?_
21:40 _Why was that information even disclosed by Quincy Jones?_
24:37 _New rappers being exposed to the influences of the drugs – is it a cycle?_
28:25 _Will actors be as keen to portray Richard Pryor knowing they might have to enact a gay scene?_
30:00 _Lord Jamar reveals he was invited to audition for Omar in The Wire_
33:01 _Rah Digga on being put in a moral conflict while auditioning for a part_
35:11 *Conscious Cartoon (www.hiphopcartoons.ca)*
39:11 *Valentine’s Day – Did You Know?*
47:53 Art of Rap plug
48:26 *The Passing of Lovebug Starski*
51:41 (IG Live)
53:32 *Do you have any advice for any artists coming up?* (IG Live)
57:45 Top 5 Dead or Alive Podcast plug (IG Live)
59:40 IG Live Book plug – *The Kickin’ It Kids: Enter the Rapscallion* (Available on Amazon: https://goo.gl/fCTZdX)
1:00:58 *Top 5 female MCs – How does it feel to be put up there in the top MCs? (IG Live)*
1:04:44 *You didn’t know Lord Jamar is a producer?”*
1:12:43 *The importance of women in hip hop* (IG Live)
1:15:17 *How can we push the culture forward while staying true to hip hop’s roots?* (IG Live)
1:24:03 *Concert announcement – Rah Digga with All-Star female cast*
1:26:22 *Outro*

via Lord Jamar & Rah Digga keep it a buck about Quincy Jones, Marlon Brando, & Richard Pryor. – YouTube

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