Just another 30 days of lockdown on FB

You know your man did it again…

FB really got them LGBTQ weirdoes ear when I called Tekashi69 and Lil Pump ‘fags of a feather’ and I get the slammer… but they keep videos of ppl getting shot and killed… but AmeriKKKa loves their violence, and homos….


lil bit giving everyone the bird

shawty is too cute

D’oh well…. life goes on…

gives me time to finish the new Shirt Shop merch as well as finalizing my healthy food takeout ideas….

I can’t front, I have waaaaaaaaaay too much fun fucking with ppl on FB and that’s just me gettin out my evil without hurtin nobody physically…. mentally? fuck them wimps and wusses…. folks too damn sensitive and whiny these days anyway…

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