Brand Nubian acknowledged on Unsung, Eric B & Rakim REUNITE, Interview with UTFO’S Kangol Kid – YouTube

Yanadameen Godcast episode #015

The Godcast brings you another home-run show with special guest Kangol Kid of the legendary UTFO! TV One featured Brand Nubian in an episode of Unsung to acknowledge the group’s contribution and impact in hiphop.
An iconic moment in hiphop also occurred when Eric B. and Rakim reunited for their first performance together in over 20 years. Lord Jamar and Rah Digga take a moment to talk about the significance of this to the culture.Rah Digga asks if it’s a bad thing that she knows Nas’ lyrics more than she knows MLK’s speeches?

0:001:47 Intro + Today’s mathematics
1:48 HISTORIC! Eric B. and Rakim on stage together for iconic performance
Shouts out to Yanadameen Godcast co-hosts!
8:27 Yanadameen Godcast gear! Fresh to def and dressed to impress!
10:30 Brand Nubian coming up on episode of Unsung
12:26 Documentary needed on “Baby Nubians” and Hiphop’s “Studio Babies”
15:41 TV One flying the flag for curating black art
17:26 This isn’t a PODCAST; it’s a GODCAST! #OfficialTissue
19:08 Brand Nubian merchandise plug (
19:40 Hiphop History: Nas’ music was the “Free At Last” message for a generation
23:56 Right now this is the Beta male era of rap
27:11 Facebook Live acknowledgements 28:00 Newsbreak – Trump playing with the “War” button
32:54 The shift in music sales certification standards
39:26 Conscious Cartoon (
42:22 Wall Street Wears Gold Teeth plug (
43:06 The legendary Kangol Kid on the Godcast
46:30 The beginnings – The first dancers for a rap group
50:18 How dancers were a key part of the culture
51:11 Kangol Kid on his Jheri Curl and being the “pretty boy”
52:59 What’s the connection to Whistle? 54:07 The creation of Roxanne Roxanne 58:50 Did you anticipate the responses to Roxanne Roxanne?
1:01:32 What were your thoughts on the Roxanne Shante biopic?
1:05:36 UTFO and Kangol Kid honors
1:10:51 Outro

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via Brand Nubian acknowledged on Unsung, Eric B & Rakim REUNITE, Interview with UTFO’S Kangol Kid – YouTube

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