Lord Jamar talks Lil Yachty ¦ Is Kendrick OVERRATED? ¦ STARBUCKS: CANCELED or nah??

Yanadameen Godcast Episode #016

It’s been another week packed with news,reviews, and interviews, and back to break it all down for you once again are Lord Jamar and the impeccable Digga Digga.Lord Jamar has a reply to Lil Yachty’s interview where his name was mentioned (11:23),
Rah Digga GOES IN on the media and radio personalities who were complicit in creating disharmony amongst rappers (17:00).
There’s also a recap of Coachella – in particular Cardi B’s provocative performance while pregnant (24:44).
And Lord Jamar gives a controversial opinion on Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer Prize for Music (36:27).
0:001:14 Intro + Today’s mathematics
1:15 Brand Nubian UNSUNG review + Party recap
7:48 TV One and why UNSUNG is so important
11:23 Lord Jamar responds to Lil’ Yachty’s comments
13:50 Rah Digga expands on “Did the OG’s drop the ball?” question
15:55 Lord Jamar asks “Who’s going to carry on the tradition?”
17:00 The media and radio personalities stirred the pot to drive out the older generation
19:00 Journalists now HAVE NO CLUE about the past generation
20:44 Correction on RIAA digital stream numbers
24:24 In other news…
24:44 In OTHER other news: Beyoncé @ Coachella
28:38 Cardi performing @ Coachella while pregnant
34:37 Will Atlanta TV series prove to be as impactful as The Cosby Show?
36:27 Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer prize
41:57 Update: J. Marion Sims statue relocated!
44:19 Starbucks: Black Coffee Good, Black PEOPLE Bad
53:11 Lord Jamar FRONTIN’ on starting the cleanse!
56:13 “Glam-ma”: The 33-year-old Grandma
58:07 Did You Know: 420
1:02:22 White insanity hasn’t yet been met by a greater opposing force
1:03:55 Outro

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