Genealogy: Tracing family history ¦ Lord Jamar’s BOMBSHELL family revelation

Yanadameen Godcast episode #020

Genealogy is an account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or from older forms, or the study of family ancestral lines. Today’s Godcast welcomes special guest Natlee Green of genealogy service MyBlackHeritage ( to talk about her work and the discoveries she makes when tracing people’s family history.0:000:42 Intro + Todays mathematics
0:43 Special guest intro: Natlee Green + Rah Digga M.I.A.
4:28 Natlee Green – Genealogist of
7:50 What is “genealogy”?
8:45 Lord Jamar’s doubts about DNA
10:02 When did you decide to pursue genealogy?
16:14 What has made interest suddenly spike?
17:09 Which clients are more appreciative?
Most memorable findings you’ve stumbled upon?
21:03 Yanadameen “Peace” gear plug (Available at
21:33 How do you handle uncovering uncomfortable facts?
24:46 The difference between online genealogy services & Natlee Green’s services
27:13 Natlee Green traced Lord Jamar’s family history
31:32 The importance of physically going to places to trace family history
33:04 The untold history of Ellis Island
35:36 Lord Jamar’s family secrets revealed
40:37 The BOMBSHELL!
48:45 Interesting discovery from researching Lord Jamar’s cousin
52:17 Tracing Black Thought’s ancestry
53:51 Genealogy dismantles “the slave narrative”
58:06 To be a slave NOW is a choice
1:01:36 Should the jews have killed themselves to avoid concentration camps?
1:03:00 The original people of the planet dispersed everywhere
1:12:04 Outro

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