Philly’s Finest: RJ Payne + Mad Squablz spit FREESTYLE FLAMES

Yanadameen Godcast episode #026

In an era when it seems that so-called “mumble” rap is thriving and lyricism is on the critically endangered list, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga welcome to the Yanadameen Godcast two of Philly’s finest spitters in RJ Payne and Mad Squablz.
Find out how both artists got into hiphop and honed their skills, then turn the volume all the way up as they drop absolute fire on solo freestyles before closing out with an unrehearsed back-to-back which will have you reaching for the fire extinguisher!0:000:34 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:35 Philly has a lot of dope MCs 3:37 Spoonie Gee called out Schoolie D for biting his style 6:25 Philly has many GOAT MCs 9:17 In the prime of NY running hiphop, Philly was right there 10:10 Philly’s modern lyrical beasts 12:14 What makes Philly rappers so ill? 14:46 If you weren’t from the 5 Boroughs, you were on the outside 18:18 The Philly sound 22:27 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 23:20 Guest intros: RJ Payne and Mad Squablz 24:52 The reason behind Philly’s high-level lyrical ability 28:15 The Philly-Chicago comparison and parallels 29:09 The RJ Payne story 35:18 How Lord Jamar found out about Mad Squablz 37:40 The Mad Squablz story 39:24 How do you stay in the lyrical lane while seeing mumble rappers thrive? 40:16 Who influenced RJ Payne? 41:43 Collab with Pete Rock coming? 43:05 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 43:58 You can be late if you bringing sandwiches 45:33 Enough with the talking: Introducing Mad Squablz 52:36 Without further ado: Introducing RJ Payne 58:00 See how real hiphop affects people 59:20 Back2Back: Mad Squablz/RJ Payne 1:03:04 You’re welcome! 1:04:11 Rapid-fire Questions 1:04:29 Global Artist Showcase plug ( 1:05:32 Current projects and upcoming releases from Squablz and Payne 1:07:41 Outro

via Philly’s Finest: RJ Payne + Mad Squablz spit FREESTYLE FLAMES [Full Show] – YouTube

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