R. Kelly, Charlamagne Tha God + How Abuse Is Treated Amongst Black People – YouTube

Allegations of sexual abuse and rape have plagued R. Kelly for over a decade now (5:56) and he has recently released a song entitled “I Admit It” in which he addresses the allegations that have been made against him (8:39) such as raping minors and forcibly holding women in a “sex cult”.
Another person whose past has come back to haunt them in the form of rape charges is radio host Lenard McKelvey aka “Charlamagne Tha God” (13:00). For years he’s given his version of the story of the time he faced rape allegations, but recently the victim in the rape case has finally come out to give her side of the story.0:000:40 Intro + Todays mathematics
0:41 Did You Know? The Real McCoy – Elijah McCoy
5:56 The value of authenticity
7:31 Your man R. Kelly
8:39 R. Kelly addressing allegations over 19-minute-song
10:35 ♫♫ “What about the tape? I said ‘Hush'” ♫♫
12:07 You got duped, Digga!
13:00 Charlamagne from The Breakfast Club and rape allegations
15:02 If both parties are under the influence, is it consensual?
18:38 The untold abuse of young boys by older women
20:04 Terry Crews and how abuse is treated amongst Black people
22:53 Star questioning if Charlamagne is part of NoGE
24:52 Knowing Supreme Mathematics will now give meaning to many songs
26:13 Outro

via R. Kelly, Charlamagne Tha God + How Abuse Is Treated Amongst Black People – YouTube

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