Lord Jamar to Rah Digga: “Hiphop is a MAN’S game!” (ft. Godfrey)

With all that’s been happening of late, the Godcast could no longer maintain the hiatus and had to assemble for an “emergency livestream”. As an additional bonus, this episode features special guest panelist Godfrey to assist Lord Jamar and Rah Digga break down the madness that’s been taking place lately.
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0:007:00 Todays mathematics + Intro
7:01 Jamar’s opinion is the only one that matters!
8:38 The Godcast “emergency broadcast”
9:55 Godfrey in Russia
15:38 The untimely death of Mac Miller
20:20 Eminem’s influence on pill-popping and suicide
23:16 Cardi B got lumped up
29:09 Godfrey: “Nicki is initiating this”
34:16 Viewer question: “How did Rah Digga get on the “Touch It” remix?
42:35 Why Rah Digga left Flipmode
44:03 Nike/Colin Kaepernick ad
51:24 Devil’s advocate perspective
52:22 We need to be wary of a corporation-sponsored “revolutionary”
56:03 Black people have the right to snap
59:27 The Black church selling out
1:00:52 Religion is dividing people
1:03:23 Lord Jamar’s childhood not celebrating Christmas
1:07:35 Questions for Godfrey
1:10:35 Lord Jamar: “This is a MAN’S game!”
1:13:14 Lord Jamar: “Eminem is wack!”
1:15:38 Outro

via Lord Jamar to Rah Digga: “Hiphop is a MAN’S game!” (ft. Godfrey) – YouTube

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