SG: Bro.Rizza Islam “Who gave birth to & raised the Hater who walks among us?”

ZoWhat Show Topic:
“Why You Mad Judas?”
“Who gave birth to & raised the Hater who walks among us?”

A more in-depth look into the mind of a Hater!


Was Malcolm X correct when he said if you have no critics, you’ll likely have no success?

True or False?
Success and Haters Go Hand & Hand?

True or False?
The system of white supremacy is the biggest hater of black intelligence & black history?

True or False?
it will almost always be your close friends or family who show you the most hate when trying to accomplish massive success?

True Or False?
Haters believe there isnt enough Winning/Success to go around?

True Or False?
Most Haters Hate Themselves?

True or False?
Over 50% of Americans will retire flat broke?

True or False?99
More than half the population of America is Finacially Insecure?

True or False?
76% of Americans are living Paycheck to Paycheck?

True Or False?
Haters Say your success came from luck,
because they envy and are unwilling to employ a work ethic like yours?

Was Albert Einstein right when he said “Stay away from a negative person they find a problem for every solution”?

Have you ever had a friend get jealous of one of your accomplishments?

True or False?
Haters are confused. They admire & envy the targets of their hate simultaneously?

Are You a Hater?

Is having many Haters a good indicator of your burgeoning success?

Do you take the initiative to serve others?

True or False?
There is no industry where you hear talk about haters as often as in entertainment?

What separates constructive criticism from jealousy & hate?

Do you use your words to encourage (Constructively criticize) rather than (Negatively criticize)?

Does your friend seem to take a weird joy in bursting your bubble? Do they live for giving you bad news?

Does it seem like every time you do something fun or accomplish something new? Your friend has to run out and do the same thing–or something better?

Do you balance speaking with listening?

via SG: Bro.Rizza Islam “Who gave birth to & raised the Hater who walks among us?” – YouTube

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