ZoWhat? Show: “Defining Manhood in the #MeToo Era! SG: Lewis Dix” – YouTube

#ZoWhat Show Topic:
Topic: MAN DOWN! SG: Lewis Dix”
“A deeper look at What Modern-Day Masculinity Means for Men…and Women?”
“Defining Manhood in the #MeToo Era!
SG: Lewis Dix”


What does it mean to man up?

Is masculinity who you are or what you do?

What is emotional isolation?

True false?
As our schools become more feeling centered, competition free, and sedentary they inevitably move further away from the core needs of boys?

True or False?
Girls behavior is the gold standard in schools, while most hard to manage boys are treated like defective girls?

True or False?
We’ve made thinking and feeling gender specific, when in actuality thinking and feeling is part of the human condition?

true or false?
Women are leading across the board in business and at home and living more powerfully than men today. Moreover, that’s causing complete chaos for men?

True or False?
The 3 P’s of Manhood represented the tenets of being good at being a man. Protection, procreation, and provision were the vital imperatives that helped societies all around the world survive and grow?

is submission to a man necessary for the modern day women?

True or False?
“Masculinity is a performance-based?”

Are Black Men the most toxic form of masculinity?

True or False?
From grades K through 12 boys account for nearly 70% of suspensions?

True or false?
If boys are constantly constantly subject to the disapproval for their interests and enthusiasm, they are likely to become disengaged and lag further behind?

What is masculinity today?

Some say “the future is female.” But what does the future for men look like?

What is toxic masculinity?

What are the characteristics of masculinity?

True or False?
Young Men Are Facing a Masculinity Crisis?

What defines a man?

Why are there so many pressures on men to create a façade which they then work hard on not having to crumble?

True or False?
Today’s Man is adjusting to a new era, where his dad’s advice about relationships is no longer valid, if not downright damaging?

Why Are We So Conflicted About Manhood in the Modern Age?

What defines a man from a boy?

What is marginalized masculinity?

What is patriarchal masculinity?

What are the qualities of a good man?

True or False?
The scarcer the resources, the more the code of manhood is emphasized?

True or False?
When resources are more accessible and less dangerous to obtain and aren’t at risk of being raided by others, an emphasis on the code of manhood weakens?

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