SG: Author Soren Baker “Is Mumble Rap a Byproduct of Gangsta Rap?” – YouTube

SG: Author Soren Baker
“Is Mumble Rap a Byproduct of
Gangsta Rap?”

A more in-depth look into the world’s most influential genre of Music…HIP-HOP?


True Or False?
Gangsta Rap most definitely has a problem with women, and it’s one that needs to be addressed in a real way?

the Original form of Gangsta music encouraged drug sales, whereas mumble rap encourages drug use?

Are many female MC’s as “misogynistic” as the men of hip-hop?

Is Hip Hop Evolving from Its Former Drug Culture?

Will sober rappers become the new face of hip hop culture?

Can rapping about recovery help save lives?

True or False?
For decades, hip hop artists have been rapping about substance abuse – from the most commonly used substances such as alcohol and marijuana to heavier drugs such as molly (ecstasy, X, mdma), cocaine and prescription pills. Often glamorised, drug use has long been a staple in the world of hip hop music?

True or False?
It isn’t right that the totality of hip-hop is thrown under the bus while the rest of a super sexist industry gets a pass from having actually to deal with its relationship to women. It’s a subtle, but profound double standard, and it needs to be acknowledged?

Is hip-hop/rap sexist and misogynist?

Can anyone recommend any studies or information on the effects of listening to hip-hop?

Who was the first gangster rapper?

Is hip-hop a culture?

Where Did Mumble Rap Come From?

What are some misogynist hip-hop songs?

True Or False?
The sexism we see in some hip-hop music is a reflection of the sexism that we see in society as a whole?

True Or False?
“Hip-hop culture is just another name for black ghetto culture.”?

Who is the best gangster rapper?

“What’s the best rap album of all time?”

What was crack’s effect on gangsta rap, and, more broadly, what effects have illegal drugs like crack had on hip-hop culture?

True or False?
Sexism is rampant in the punk, metal, and indie rock scenes. Moreover, while there’s been some criticism of non-rap genres before — the campaign for parental advisories and censorship of hair metal bands in the 1980s for instance — hip-hop seems to be an easy and constant target?
How is hip-hop used in adverts to market to different demographics?

True Or False?
There’s no denying that the lyrical content of hip hop is confronting, and in many instances, it includes the glorification of violence, substance use, and gender discrimination. However, while many people struggle to look past the profanity, materialism, and high-risk messages often celebrated within mainstream rap music, hip-hop culture at its core, is built on values of social justice, peace, respect, self-worth, community, and having fun?
Can the likes of Drake, Big Sean, Takashi 69, and Kodak Black, be seen as today’s Hybrid Gangsta rappers?

“Who killed 2Pac and Biggie?”

How do the world’s religions negatively manipulate/ positively Use the World’s most influential Culture? I.e., Hip-Hop culture and Music.

What are some recommended sources on how hip-hop is used in advertising?

If the World is following Hip-Hop- Culture, the questions remain where is Hip-Hop Leading Us?

True or false? Although Hip-Hop Music of today displays degrading objectification of women playboy magazine is still considered classy/tactful?

Who has objectified more women, Hugh Hefner or Hip-hop culture?

Who wins the heavyweight rap battle between Luda & Eminem?

Who wins the heavyweight rap between Kanye & Weezy -F-Baby?

Who wins the heavyweight rap battle between Jay- Z & Eminem?

Who wins the heavyweight MC Battle between Nas & Eminem?

Who wins the colossal RAP battle between KRS-ONE & Eminem?

via SG: Author Soren Baker “Is Mumble Rap a Byproduct of Gangsta Rap?” – YouTube

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