“Shut Yo Mouth, & Entertain Boy” The Limits of Free Speech for Black Men!

“Shut Yo Mouth,
& Entertain Boy.”

“The Age of Thought Crimes”
A more in-depth look at The Limits of Free Speech for Black Men:


Can Black Men Speak out against injustice without being targeted by the system for doing so?

Is there such a thing as intellectual or ideological blackface?

Can a White Person Understand the Black Experience?

Is free speech A government issued privilege, or a God-given right?

How can a White person understand and give due recognition to the Blackness of a Black person unless that person reveals a fair amount of information about him/herself to the White person?

What is the meaning of inclusive language?

If freedom of speech allows anyone to say anything, shouldn’t white people be allowed to use the word Nigger/Nigga?

Is there a difference between Thought crimes and free speech?

Is the outright denunciation of religion as a fraud a hate crime?

Why are so many White people oblivious to the Black experience?

Is the outright denunciation and or ridicule of homosexuality as a mental illness or religious abomination I hate crime?

Isn’t a great education all about integrating into the workforce, then is there an inherent contradiction regarding freedom of speech as it pertains to the classroom and the boardroom?

(debates are encouraged in the classroom, but not so much in the boardroom?)

Does freedom of speech exist within the cubical life of corporate America?

Is verbal abuse also protected under the first amendment?

Don’t black people know how anxious their sensitivity makes well-meaning Whites, and how tempting it is for a White to avoid trouble by keeping a Black person at a social distance?

Can Free Speech be a form of Terrorism?

Does freedom of speech exist within so-called pious walls of the world’s great religions?

Should freedom of speech have some limitations? If so, what?

Do the limits placed on free speech correlate with an unspoken limit presumably being placed on free thought?

What’s the difference between free speech and hate crimes?

Has the seemingly unstoppable advance of technology rendered the first amendment obsolete?

via (1) “Shut Yo Mouth, & Entertain Boy” The Limits of Free Speech for Black Men! – YouTube

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