Melanin & Skin Bleaching ¦ False Flag Operations

In a time when there seems to be more Black consciousness and there has been a revival in the “Black & Proud” movement, skin bleaching remains an ever-present scourge in Black society. Is the practice simply “self-hatred” or do we just have to accept it as part of the culture? This is the question in today’s discussion which goes into what exactly is melanin?

Also, was the recent spate of parcel-bombs that were delivered to Democrat figures a genuine act of terrorism or a false flag operation designed to distract the public?

0:00 – 0:44 Intro + Todays mathematics
0:45 Flipmode Squad working on 20-year Anniversary album
6:21 Foxxy Alex joining in the shindig
7:31 Battle of the fact-checkers
9:55 The bleaching epidemic
16:05 Is skin-bleaching about “self-hatred” or just part of the culture?
18:29 Do males in the industry prefer light-skinned women?
22:04 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
22:35 Melanin – What do we know about melanin?
26:50 Melanin isn’t just about your skin color
27:50 Melanin-deficient and melanin-rich people have different chemistry
31:35 Melanin-rich people are more sensitive and receptive to external stimuli
33:36 Light eyes are a sign of weaker recessive genes
35:48 Your quality of life is dictated by your complexion
36:40 Black vs “mixed” women
40:14 “Race is a social construct”
46:09 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
46:41 Parcel bombs delivered to media outlets and political figures
50:35 Why mid-term elections are referred to as “silly season”
53:29 Are the parcel bombs related to the upcoming mid-term elections?
54:08 Or is this all a false-flag operation?
59:26 Mega-millions lottery – Is it a scam?
1:03:31 What is the lottery money being spent on?
1:06:05 Does the lottery really give money away?
1:07:39 The elite practise socialism amongst themselves and capitalism against the masses
1:09:02 Outro

via (1) Melanin & Skin Bleaching ¦ False Flag Operations [Full Show] – YouTube

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