Does Voting Matter? ¦ Boy Scouts Rebrand As Gender-Neutral “Scouts”

The Yanadameen Godcast convene to once again to discuss events that have transpired over the past week in the world of current affairs, politics, and hip hop.

After sharing that he voted in the midterm elections, Lord Jamar was in the firing line of a lot of criticism from people who accused him of “wasting his time because voting doesn’t change anything” or that “voting won’t bring down white supremacy”. Lord Jamar reponds to these critics.

In music news, 50 Cent and Ja Rule’s ongoing feud was a talking point again as the two fired off another round of insults at each other. Can there ever be peace between the two?

The final topic of today’s show explores the recent news of the Boy Scouts being rebranded as the Scouts. Is this a move to further push the agenda of “gender fluidity” or “gender neutral” politics?

0:00 – 0:42 Intro + Todays mathematics

0:43 Sadat X on the check-in
3:12 Lord Jamar gets backlash for voting in midterm elections
7:56 Are there any valid reasons for not voting?
8:41 Would MLK advocate voting?
11:06 What about going the economic route instead of political?
13:45 Viewer response
16:04 Is voting a waste of time?
19:27 The entire system has to be redesigned
22:47 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
23:17 New music round-up
26:27 Is Joel Ortiz under-appreciated?
28:18 50 Cent vs Ja Rule…….. still
30:06 Can the 50 Cent/Ja Rule differences ever be settled?
32:06 Did 50 Cent block Ja Rule on social media?
34:27 What would it take to bring Lauryn Hill back?
38:22 Lauryn’s music right now would be good for the culture
43:05 The Book of Rah
46:45 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
47:15 New York jogger murder trial
54:27 Has the suspect been pinned as the fall-guy?
56:13 Have the police tried to wrap up this case too fast?
57:11 Boy Scouts rebranding to “The Scouts”
1:00:27 Is this a backdoor to blurring the roles of gender?
1:04:55 The 2nd Amendment and defending yourself
1:07:59 Outro

via Does Voting Matter? ¦ Boy Scouts Rebrand As Gender-Neutral “Scouts” [Full Show] – YouTube

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