Paul Guthrie: In-Depth Analysis Of The Teachings of W.D. Fard

Yanadameen Godcast episode #043

The Yanadameen Godcast this week features special guest Paul Guthrie who has been studying the teachings of Nation of Islam co-founder W.D. Fard and doing a critical analysis of his teachings. His studies have led him to question whether many of the beliefs held by followers of W.D. Fard are true or is their faith misplaced?

0:00 – 0:52 Intro + Todays mathematics

0:53 Brief history
6:44 Guest intro: Paul Guthrie
7:37 Introducing the Debates Series
12:39 Lord Jamar’s introduction to NoGE and NOI
14:45 Paul Guthrie questions teachings of the Nation of Islam
15:55 Who says W.D. Fard comes from Mecca?
16:36 Can the root of civilization be in Mecca?
20:45 Could Mecca have existed before with a different name?
24:16 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
24:46 Are W.D. Fard’s origins really the sub-continent?
31:46 What are the origins of the name W.D. Fard?
33:42 Could the location of Mecca have changed due to geographical changes?
35:41 You cannot have divine teachings discovered by ungodly beings
38:00 W.D. Fard was not teaching Islam
40:38 Was W.D. Fard intentionally misleading people?
48:04 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
48:34 What is the geographical location of the 1100 mile oasis now?
52:07 Is Paul Guthrie suggesting people abandon Islam?
54:55 Proper Education Allah/Always Corrects Error (PEACE)
58:00 Religion was created to control man
1:00:27 Are the different ideologies leading to a harmonization of everything?
1:03:12 Slavery: Why didn’t their own people come to get them?
1:05:28 What do you say to people who say you’re not qualified to speak on this?
1:09:03 Lord Jamar: “I am not a Believer of anything…”
1:12:25 What made you wake up one day and go on this journey?
1:14:59 The plan for a debate
1:17:50 Lord Jamar evicts the kitten
1:19:15 Outro

via Paul Guthrie: In-Depth Analysis Of The Teachings of W.D. Fard [Full Show] – YouTube

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