Dr Wesley Muhammad Responds To Paul Guthrie

Following the discussion with Paul Guthrie, Lord Jamar opens the floor to the Nation of Islam to respond and the Yanadameen Godcast is pleased to welcome Dr Wesley Muhammad as a special guest.

Dr Wesley Muhammad speaks briefly about his background and introduction to not just the Nation of Islam but also to the Five Percent Nation, as well as sharing how he came to be in the privileged position of learning directly from Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Lord Jamar asks Dr Wesley Muhammad to respond directly to the points put forward by Paul Guthrie regarding specifically the charge that W.D. Fard was actually teaching Bhuddism and not Islam, and also the location of Mecca.

Dr Wesley Muhammad shows maps supporting the teachings of the Nation about where Mecca is located, and refutes Paul Guthrie’s assertions that Mecca is not within 2’000 miles of the Caucasus Mountains.
0:00 – 0:33 Intro + Todays mathematics
0:34 Guest intro: Dr Wesley Muhammad
2:25 Dr Wesley Muhammad’s background and introduction to Islam
7:13 The qualifications of Dr Wesley Muhammad
11:14 How did Dr Wesley Muhammad get to study directly under Minister Farrakhan?
15:24 The early messengers who were teaching Knowledge of Self
18:33 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (https://hoodgee.com)
19:03 Response to claims W.D. Fard is from India, and he was teaching Bhuddism
23:19 Paul Guthrie’s statement
26:10 Response to Paul Guthrie’s statement
29:39 Dr Wesley Muhammad deconstructing Paul Guthrie’s claims
35:32 Breaking down the distances of Mecca’s location
43:42 Is there an oasis at 1’110 miles?
44:52 Where are the Caucasus Mountains geographically?
47:06 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (https://hoodgee.com)
47:37 The 9’000 miles question is a misrepresentation by Paul Guthrie
56:20 Do you see any similarities between Buddhism and Islam?
1:01:10 Don’t a lot of religions share some commonalities?
1:02:11 This knowledge was tailored specifically for Black people in America
1:05:59 Buddhism: The Wide Awake (Wo)Man
1:08:46 Can we see a debate happen between Paul Guthrie & Dr Wesley Muhammad?
1:17:48 Outro

via (1) Dr Wesley Muhammad Responds To Paul Guthrie – YouTube

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