In The Eyes Of The Beast A Black Man With A Weapon Is Always The Enemy

Tekashi 6ix9ine finally got his wish for someone to “test his gangsta” and accepting the challenge was none other than the alphabet boys themselves as the young rapper was arrested and hit with a multitude of serious charges.

Another individual who had his gangsta tested and came off worst was missionary John Chau who went to the North Sentinel Islands illegally and was killed by the indigenous people who don’t take too kindly to outsiders.

As the year draws to a close, there seems to be no end in sight to Black men being killed by cold-blooded police. In the eyes of the beast, a Black man with a gun is always the enemy0:00 – 0:34 Intro + Todays mathematics
0:35 Aftermath of the last 2 shows
2:24 Clarification on The Five Percent Nation of Islam
4:58 Paul Guthrie and Dr Wesley Muhammad will never debate
6:11 Back onto hiphop – Tekashi 6ix9ine
8:55 Brooklyn’s stigma as the most grimy of all boroughs
13:22 The case against Tekashi 6ix9ine
16:59 Remembering Kim Porter
23:10 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
23:39 When white privilege goes wrong
29:41 The history of the Sentinelese people and the white man
32:02 Why is it called “missionary position”?
33:57 This is a textbook case of white privilege going wrong
35:01 How would a Black person have been received?
37:33 How could a peaceful approach have been made?
38:43 We should have protected hip hop the same way as the Sentinelese
40:24 Rick Rubin and white influence steering hip hop music
42:41 Black people sold ourselves out in hip hop
46:53 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
47:23 The Black Man with a weapon is automatically the enemy
53:06 White man pulls a gun on young Black girls
54:59 They want to disarm the people
58:48 The Long Island railroad shooter
1:00:27 The “immigrant caravan”
1:03:30 An arrow is better than a bullet
1:04:55 Dwight Howard caught out there?
1:11:00 Does it take away from Dwight Howard’s stats?
1:13:35 Outro

via In The Eyes Of The Beast A Black Man With A Weapon Is Always The Enemy [Full Show] – YouTube

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