Last Show Of 2018

Rounding out 2018 the first year of the Yanadameen Godcast, the panel welcomes Detroit’s own Champtown who has released a documentary titled “The Untold Story of Detroit Hip Hop”.

The cast look back on some of the events of 2018, discuss what music releases of this year they still play, and debate whether political correctness is eroding freedom?

0:00 – 0:47 Intro + Todays mathematics

0:48 BlueChew plug (
2:53 Special guest intro: Champtown
4:30 The Untold Story of Detroit Hip Hop
6:40 Champtown’s history
10:30 Starting a label and signing artists
12:36 Economic conditions of Detroit
15:53 Why do we get surprised when white artists do what white people do?
18:23 The state of Detroit
21:41 The story of Joe C.
24:06 You have a responsibility to speak on the legends who came before you
25:07 Shady business
29:57 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
30:37 Be sure to check out Champtown’s documentary
34:48 Last show before Christmas hiatus
38:03 Was BitCoin a primer for cashless society?
45:06 MeToo founder being erased
48:38 What album of this year are you still playing?
51:15 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug (
51:55 28th Anniversary Brand Nubian merchandise
54:33 Jacquees lays claim to being the King of R&B
58:15 Who is the King of R&B for this generation?
59:54 Are we unfairly lumping all R&B singers together?
1:04:58 Cardi B & Offset
1:07:30 Why do people think they can “turn a ho into a housewife”?
1:12:46 Can we say Goodbye to political correctness in 2019?
1:24:15 Outro

via Last Show Of 2018 [Full Show] – YouTube

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