Voice of Reason (special guests Corey Holcomb, RizzaIslam & Bobby Glanton-Smith) Why he won’t Go to Church in 2019?

SG: Corey Holcomb, RizzaIslam
& Bobby Glanton-Smith

Why he won’t Go to Church in 2019?
In 2019 is (Western)
Religion still Necessary for Black People?


Is God Sovereign over My Free Will?

Is your abuser using your spiritual beliefs to control you?

Is Your partner using religion to manipulate you?

What Is It About Religion That Fosters Abuse?

Your partner is ridiculing your religious beliefs?

Your partner is using religion to berate you?

Is your God Moral?

Did God create Social Media so The Pettiness of His creation could entertain him?

What was Africa’s original religion?

Why is there poverty and suffering in the world?

Why did God create mental illness?

What’s the fundamental difference between African spirituality and western religion?

What religion was practiced in Africa before Christianity?

What is the relationship between science and religion?

True or false? If your religion doesn’t teach the knowledge of self and self-sovereignty, it is of the devil?

True or False?
Christian culture continues to uphold patriarchy, rape culture, and white supremacy—even within black churches?

True or False?
Christianity still exerts a powerful force in many black communities, but some young women are turning their back on the faith and returning to the older, traditional religions of their ancestors?

Why is there poverty and suffering in the world?

Is religion in the black community a generational curse? A look into religion in the black community, its origins and how it may have hindered our growth as a people.

Does the Power of Faith/Belief Outweigh/Trump The Scientific & Logical Method of Reason?

Why Are More Young Black People Trading in Church for African Spirituality?

Has the concept of a chosen people created more animosity, enmity, and death among people of the world than any other religious concept?

How are God and religion related to elitism/royalty?

via SG: Corey Holcomb, RizzaIslam & Bobby Glanton-Smith: Why he won’t Go to Church in 2019? – YouTube

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