Amanda Seales Admits She Lied When She Said Myron Rolle Sexually Harassed Her | BlackSportsOnline

It’s shit like this that give light skinned females a bad name…. lawd knows I knew a few…

This is very dangerous stuff here and I am going to need Seales to do better, you can’t be putting things like this out there in the wind if it didn’t happen.

Seales went on shows and did a video accusing Ex-NFL and now Neurosurgeon Myron Rolle of being problematic with her over the phone. She then went on to say a bunch of unnamed women told her Rolle was a sexual predator but didn’t explain how and in what way before saying a woman said Rolle answered the door to his house one time naked before a date.

Rolle had to address the situation because these things can ruin careers. Rolle pointed out that Seales was upset he didn’t want to pursue a relationship and that is why she was falsely accusing him.

Seales herself admits this in her own IG video where she claims Rolle never sexually harassed her at all, so why was she talking about him if that wasn’t the case?  Why bring his name in the universe if he did nothing wrong to you? She doesn’t dispute Rolle’s version of events and frankly, if you watch her Breakfast Club interview she pointed out she wanted Rolle to pursue her.  She never provides any proof that Rolle has done anything to anyone, it is all secondhand info that no one has publicly backed up.

You can’t throw around phrases like “sexual predator” on people just because it didn’t work out between you that is super dangerous. If you have some real proof go to the cops, but don’t ruin a man’s career that you never met and have no experience with dealing in person.

This only hurts REAL VICTIMS when you do BS things like this and Seales should frankly be ashamed of herself.

Flip the pages for her video accusing Rolle on various platforms, Rolle denying the claim. Seales backtracking video and blaming black men for everything.

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