Cardi B Catches Heat After Admitting She Used To Drug & Rob Men

This is one dumb brawd…. she wants sympathy because she used to drug and rob dudes and admitted this nonsense on IG???? This is further proof social media makes dumb people do ever dumber things…. and some of these females out here idolize her like some kinda role model… but females shouldn’t be scrutinized??? And I bet money no charges will be filed against her in an obvious double standard…..

Cardi B went ballistic during a live stream and some fans are calling her out.
There is no denying that Cardi B is one of the most popular artists in the entire world. After a year and a bit, Cardi has completely taken over the game, putting everybody on notice and wearing the crown among female emcees. She’s hustled hard to get to the top and there are things that she’s done in the past that she’s absolutely not proud of. Those things include drugging and robbing men when she used to be a stripper.

During a ferocious Instagram Live session this weekend, Bardi spoke about her past after she felt she was being unfairly attacked by her critics. The artist has never claimed to be anything other than a “street bitch” but what she explained in the video caused some to believe there’s a massive double standard being exploited. In the heat of the moment, Cardi admitted to some pretty terrible behavior, telling fans that in order to fund her future, she used to flirt with her clients as a stripper, take them to a nearby hotel, drug them and then rob them.

Right now, the hashtag “#SurvivingCardiB” is trending worldwide with many of Cardi’s critics calling out the double standard here. If a man were in her position, admitting to robbing and drugging women, he would probably get arrested. However, in Cardi B’s situation, people do not believe that any charges will be made. Watch the confession above and let us know your thoughts.

via Cardi B Catches Heat After Admitting She Used To Drug & Rob Men

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