3-13-19 Voice of Reason SG: Dr. Phil Valentine “Is Feminism & The #MeToo Movement the Return of The Goddess Kali?”

This was a great show… many jewels dropped!

Is Feminism &
The #MeToo Movement the Return of The Goddess Cali?
SG: Dr. Phil Valentine


What is the wounded womb’s affect on intimate relationships?

Are we currently living in an unregulated patriarchy?

What is the difference between a matriarchal society and a matrilineal society?

What are the disadvantages, if any, of a matriarchy?

What is a walking marriage?

Where most ancient civilizations egalitarian with regards to relationship status?

Which is the lesser evil: a matriarchy or a patriarchy?

What are some matriarchal societies?

What is the significance of matriarchy?

What is patriarchy and matriarchy?

Why does it seem that the 3 Abrahamic religions “appear” to marginalize the impact and presence of women?

What differences would we notice immediately by switching from a patriarchy to a matriarchy?

Is the rise of modern day feminism a euphemism for the return of the so-called “destructive/evil” goddess energy known as Cali?

How different would the world/human society be if it was totally matriarchal?

Why did more societies develop to be patriarchal than matriarchal?

Were the early human societies/civilizations patriarchal, matriarchal or both?

Has there ever been a matriarchal civilization in history, if so was it successful?

Are matriarchal society is less belligerent than patriarchal society’s?

Is there any evidence/data that insinuates that matriarchal society’s are more peaceful than patriarchal society’s?

True Or False?
In pre-patriarchal societies the iconography is completely different from anything found in any patriarchal society, “Goddess-worshipping” or not. It is a wholly or predominantly feminine iconography throughout the society?

Who Is The Goddess Cali, and what is her purpose?

Do/Did historically matriarchal societies exist? If so, how did they differ from patriarchal ones?

via SG: Dr. Phil Valentine “Is Feminism & The #MeToo Movement the Return of The Goddess Kali?” – YouTube

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