Billboard Removes Lil Nas X from the Country Music Charts/ Will We Ever Receive Reparations?

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, episode #012

In this episode full episode of the Yanadameen Godcast, brought to you by, Lord Jamar and Rahh Digga discuss Billboard’s decision to remove “Old Town Road” from the County Music charts. How would reparations look today if we were to receive them? Are we becoming too sensitive as a society?

Segment 1 (Lil Nas X)
0:00 Today’s Mathamatics
0:19 Intro
1:25 Rah Digga adresses shooting schedule
3:45 Lord Jamar let’s viewers know how they can donate to the show
4:55 Rah Digga address an issue she has with Lord Jamar (funny)
7:02 Lord Jamar sings “Old Town Road”
8:07 Lord Jamar says white people are guests in the House of Hip-Hop
10:08 Lord Jamar speaks on Lil Nas X being removed from the County Music Charts
10:32 Rah Digga says Beyonce was also removed from the Country Music Charts
12:00 Rah Digga speaks on her issues with Iggy Azalea
12:50 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga applaud Lil Nas X for out-smarting Billboard
15:42 Lord Jamar says he respects Billboard’s decision
17:01 Rage says Country Music is an extension of Blues, compares County Music to Hip-Hop
18:30 Lord Jamar recalls Country Music being incorporated in early Hip-Hop music
19:54 Rah Digga says Hip-Hop is a “low hanging fruit”
21:07 Rah Digga says Lil Nas X should keep making Country Music
21:48 Lord Jamar questions whether Lil Nas X is an industry plant
23:40 Lord Jamar, Rah Digga and Rage speak about Miley Cyrus’ current image
23:58 Rage asks if Lil Nas X should be held accountable for his role in Hip-Hop

24:52 Blue Chew ad

27:18 Segment 2 (ADOS)
28:00 Lord Jamar let’s vewiers know how they can donate to the show
28:56 Lord Jamar explains his understanding of ADOS
29:35 Rah Digga speaks about her knowledge of ADOS
31:50 Lord Jamar says the ADOS movement may be divisive
33:36 Rah Digga says there are government programs that benefit immigrants, but none that benefit Black Americans
35:16 Rah Digga says there is prejudice within the black community
37:12 Rage says we came close to getting reparations in 2001
38:11 Rah Digga asks what reparations would look like today
38:50 Lord Jamar asks what type of reparations did Holocaust survivors receive
40:34 Rage says we will never receive reparations
41:15 Rage says Germany was tasked with moving Holocaust survivors back to Israel
42:38 Rah Digga says free college education would be a great reparation
44:36 Lord Jamar says they won’t give free college as a reparation
45:56 Lord Jamar says there’s only a small percentage of black people who are ready to receive reparations
47:15 Rage says Nipsey Hussle was ready, and willing to move forward with the movement
47:38 Rah Digga says everyone needs to take accountability
49:50 Lord Jamar says, if reparations come in the form of money, things would be crazy
50:37 Break

50:51 Segment 3 (Are we becoming too sensitive?)
51:10 Lord Jamar let’s the viewers know how they can donate to the show
52:14 Rah Digga shows off some new merch
54:12 Lord Jamar talks about Kevin Hart’s new stand-up special
55:17 Rah Digga says comedians are starting to receive backlash for being “too real”
55:52 Rage says comedy is one of the last real honest forms of entertainment
56:40 Lord Jamar says comedians like George Carlin and Richard Pryor would have had a hard time in today’s social climate
57:04 Rah Digga says comedians should be left alone
57:48 Rah Digga talks about her favorite part of Kevin Hart’s stand-up special
1:01:38 Lord Jamar asks, “If you had the ability to know your unborn child would be born with a disability, would you still have the child?”
1:02:44 Lord Jamar asks, “If you had the ability to know your unborn child would kill someone in the future, would you still have the child?”
1:03:44 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga ask around the room
1:05:07 Rah Digga asks, “What would you do if you knew you were going to die during child birth?”
1:05:56 Lord Jamar reads comments to the questions from YouTube live
1:06:59 Lord Jamar Says Nipsey Hussle’s death sparked change in the black community
1:08:40 Lord Jamar speaks on abortion
1:10:54 Lord Jamar reads comments from YouTube live on the subject
1:12:03 Rah Digga asks “What decade, other than this one, would you want to visit for 24 hours?”
1:12:23 Rage says he’d want to go back to Biblical Times
1:13:00 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga would both want to go back to the 1970’s
1:15:35 Outro
1:15:50 Brooklyn’s Black Lady Theater ad

via Billboard Removes Lil Nas X from the Country Music Charts/ Will We Ever Receive Reparations? FULL EP – YouTube

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