Gaming and ish….

Actually been getting back into gaming more, and recording videos!!!

Not like the good ol days when I record the various ass whippings I handed out lol


I’ve been playing a lil Road Redemption (unofficial update of Road Rash with a story), Cuphead (which is hard as fuck), and old favs Prototype (which I finished and I should move on 2), Burnout: Paradise, & Warriors Orochi….. yeah I like some of the old stuff llol



Why Fraps records Orochi so dark I dunno but I did some post-production work on it… and Bandicam runs like shit when it comes to this game…. Honda beat my ass but I got a revenge video for his ass lol

even got in some Metal Slug


I’ll be doin more videos so stay tuned lol

U can check out my video game playlist for more

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