Kodak Black vs T.I./ The Notre Dame Fire/ play Hip-Hop Government Game

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, episode #013

In today’s episode of The Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar and Rahh Digga, the co-hosts discuss current events. They speak on the T.I. and Kodak Black’s beef, and debate about the fire that happened in Notre Dame. They also play a “Hip-Hop government” game.

Segment 1 (Kodak Black vs T.I.)
0:00 Today’s Mathamatics
0:24 Intro
2:22 Lord Jamar addresses YouTube comments
4:52 Rah Digga asks if we’re still boycotting Gucci
6:42 Lord Jamar shouts out a few famous birthdays
9:28 Lord Jamar let’s the viewers know how they can donate to the show
10:20 Rah Digga explains why her Astronaut friend has declined a guest appearance on the show
12:34 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga speak on Kodak Black drama
13:24 Rah Digga says she likes Kodak Black’s diss to T.I.
15:14 Lord Jamar says he was surprised when he first heard the diss track
16:10 Rah Digga says Kodak Black is wise beyond his years
17:00 Lord Jamar says Kodak Black’s attitude is “very Hip-Hop”
17:27 Rah Digga asks whether T.I. should go back and forth with Kodak Black
18:28 Rah Digga speaks on T.I.’s comments on TMZ
19:49 Lord Jamar says you can’t give everybody your energy
21:28 Rah Digga asks if certain beefs are worth your time and energy
22:33 Rah Digga says, if you engage in a rap battle, you better come with some fire
23:15 Credits

Segment 2 (Notre Dame Cathedral fire)
23:51 Lord Jamar wants to bring a live audience to the show
24:14 Lord Jamar let’s the viewers know how they can donate to the show
24:47 Lord Jamar shouts out YouTube live
25:12 Rah Digga addresses the Notre Dame fire
25:59 Lord Jamar says Jesus is a concept
27:00 Lord Jamar speculates that the fire was a “cover-up”
27:47 Rah Digga says the fire was probably an accident
28:25 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga discuss the dark culture of The Catholic Church
29:42 Lord Jamar points out the fact that a few priceless artifacts were removed from the Church prior to the fire
29:56 Rah Digga says there was construction being done, so things were removed, she also speculates that could have also caused the fire
30:44 Lord Jamar asks Rah Digga if she believes the Catholic Church really has Jesus’ Crown of Thorns
31:58 Lord Jamar says The Bible is about YOU
33:37 Rah Digga says you have to be willing to continue to learn
36:23 Rah Digga says we can’t discredit all experts on the matter
39:00 Lord Jamar says “they” have a history of lying
41:50 Lord Jamar says he wanted Rah Digga to be his co-host because she has great perspectives
43:16 Lord Jamar shouts out Hakim Greene
44:14 Rah Digga gets excited about Beyonce’s new album and Netflix doc
45:06 Lord Jamar compares Destiny’s Child to En Vogue
48:05 Rah Digga says all Black Woman are beautiful
48:37 Credits

48:54 Blue Chew ad (www.BlueChew.com)

Segment 3 (Hip-Hop government)
52:00 Lord Jamar let’s the viewers know how they can donate to the show
52:28 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga discuss James Holzhauer
55:00 Rah Digga says she’d be mad if James Holzhauer was her opponent on Jeopardy
56:31 Rah Digga shouts out K.O. Contender Boxing (75 Franklin Ave, Nutley, NY 07110)
57:36 Rah Digga Wants to know, Who in Hip-Hop would you appoint for different offices in the government? (Hip-Hop government game)
59:52 Lord Jamar sets the rules
1:02:27 Secretary of Education nominations (Bun B, 9th Wonder, Swizz Beatz, and more)
1:03:28 Rah Digga says she wants to be “Black Ops”
1:03:55 Lord Jamar says he’d be Director of Homeland Security
1:04:25 Rah Digga builds her Black Ops team
1:04:55 Rah Digga changes her position to head of CIA
1:05:40 Head of FBI nominations (50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Mysonne, and more)
1:06:32 Supreme Court nominees (David Banner, Killer Mike, KRS-One, and more)
1:10:48 What would Joe Budden’s job be?
1:11:55 Lord Jamar nominates Jay-Z for President
1:12:15 What would Diddy’s job be?
1:13:00 Rah Digga asks “Where are we putting Kanye?”
1:13:30 What would Charlemagne’s job be?
1:14:21 United Nations nominatees (Jay Electronica, DJ Khaled, French Montana, and more)
1:15:06 YouTube live throws out some nominees
1:16:20 Rah Digga nominates Scareface for Supreme Court
1:16:38 What would Dr Dre’s job be?
1:17:15 YouTube live nominates Master P as Governor of Louisiana
1:18:10 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga tease a “Part 2” to the game
1:18:30 Outro
1:18:39 Brooklyn’s Black Lady Theater ad

via Kodak Black vs T.I./ The Notre Dame Fire/ play Hip-Hop Government Game (FULL EPISODE) – YouTube

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