You might get bombed with posts in the next few days lol

I’d been slacking in my news posting but I got a gang of stuff to put up so just prepare to be informed, entertained and even apalled what’s goin on e’erwhere…
Got a new design in the Shirt Shop…

If you aren’t familiar with Adinkra symbols, this one is Nyame Ye Ohene which translates to God Is King…. thanks Colin for modeling it for me lol

I’m really enjoying Marlow Briggs, it’s nice to have a game with a non-stereotypical “black” protagonist and it’s funny… at least to me… sadly for my Sony folks it’s only available for PC & Xbox360 (it was made in 2013)

Getting back on my music games especially since I organized ALL my samples with a dope lil free app called ADSR Sample Manager

ADSR Sample Manager

ADSR Sample Manager

Man this thing has saved my life, now if only I could find a decent DAM (digital asset management) app for all my video assets…. I tried VideoHive which crashed like crazy due to me 1000s of clips and stock videos… I’m alternating between Adobe Bridge and Digikam (open source) but they are mainly for images and just kinda throw in video for shits and giggles…

And now u know where my time has been lol


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