Digga breaks down BET AWARDS, brings on special guest LARGE PROFESSOR

Good interview with the Large Professor aka Extra P!

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, episode #018

In this weeks Episode of the Yanadameen Godcast, Lord Jamar is on vacation, but we still have a great show! Hip-Hop legend, Large Professor joins Rah Digga to talk about how he got his start in Hip-Hop. He speaks about producing for Eric B and Rakim, working with Nas, and growing up in Queens during the golden years of Hip-Hop.

Segment 1
0:00 Brooklyn’s Black Lady Theater
0:40 Conscious Black Crystal Connection ad
1:00 Today’s Mathematics
1:12 Into
1:42 Rah Digga introduces the show and shouts out Lord Jamar
2:43 Rah Digga opens a gift from Rain’s Natural Beauty
3:21 Rah Digga let’s the viewers know how they can donate to the show
4:33 Rah Digga talks about the BET Awards (Winners & Performances)
15:19 Rah Digga teases a special guest for the Wednesday show
15:25 Credits/ Break
Segment 2
15:30 Rah Digga introduces herself and special guest, Large Professor
17:35 Large Professor talks about how he got started in the Hip-Hop game
23:05 Large Professor talks about working with Nas
26:25 Large Professor talks about knowing Prodigy as a child
29:45 Rah Digga talks about the difference between Hip-Hop fans in the United States vs Hip-Hop fans over seas
34:35 Large Large Professor tells a funny story about Busta Rhymes
37:28 Rah Digga talks about her issues with her record label
41:27 Credits/ Break
Segment 3
41:40 Rah Digga introduces herself and Large Professor
41:48 Rah Digga asks Large Professor what he thinks about today’s Hip-Hop climate
44:29 Large Professor talks about Jay-Z saying his name on “Take Over”
49:15 Rah Digga says she wanted to write Nas’ response to Jay-Z
51:38 Large Professor says Kool G Rap wrote a few rhymes for Roxanne Shanté
1:00:20 Rah Digga talks about working with Rapsody
1:08:50 Credits/ Outro

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via Digga breaks down BET AWARDS, brings on special guest LARGE PROFESSOR (FULL EPISODE) – YouTube

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