Trick Daddy and his idea of hiphop…. and my thoughts on the top 50 MC list going around the Innna’net

So I was watching Trick Daddy’s Drink Champs Happy Hour (the abridged version that shows on RevolTV) last nite and he said a bunch of stuff that made me shake my head but this line killed me…

“Hip hop is just making a bunch of words rhyme that make no sense…”

And in some cases, I might agree (like a lot of Em’s verses lol) but then it made me think… maybe the subject matter was over his head so it didn’t make sense….

and then I thought about all the ruckus folks is kicking up on social media about this Top 50 MCs list…


I mean people can like what they like and think what they wanna but as I have said in the past, your mental acuity and aptitude have a lot to do with the kinda lyricists you understand and like. If your don’t even understand the vocabulary or nomenclature of an MC, you’re probably not gonna like them…..

and Trick Daddy ain’t never came off as remotely intelligent to me…. hell I preferred JT Money out of the Poison Clan and he wasn’t no genius either but he was the more “lyrical” one if u can apply that in this case lol

If you want to see the episode, here’s the link


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