24 year old unarmed black man shot more than 30 times. no media coverage.

I know I didn’t hear shit about this until now…

On June 6th, Ryan Twyman, a 24 year old black man and a father of 3 who was reportedly unarmed, was shot 37 times by an L.A County Sheriff’s deputy. There has been no media coverage.

On June 6th, Ryan Twyman was reportedly sitting in his car with a friend when police officers arrived at the scene.

A female relative of Twyman left the scene fearing that problems may arise because she doesn’t trust police officers, believing they would start harassing them. When Twyman tried to do the same, police officers surrounded his car, making him unable to exit.

According Melina Abdullah, a well-known and verified activist who spoke with Twyman’s family and witnesses at the scene, officers forcibly removed the Twyman’s friend from the passenger’s side and began assaulting him.

According to eyewitnesses, a Sheriff Deputy alleges that during the commotion he saw Twyman pull out a gun, so he began shooting at him. He unloaded his handgun according to eyewitnesses. When he ran out of bullets, it’s reported that went to his to his vehicle, grabbed a rifle and continued shooting the Twyman. Eyewitnesses say Twywan was shot more than 30 times.

The L.A Time reported on Twyman’s death, but posted no details (they’ve just now updated it after this started going viral)

No major news network wrote about Twyman’s death.

Sgt. Charles Calderaro said in a statement obtained by KTLA:

“During that contact with two individuals, a deputy-involved shooting occurred. One individual was struck in the upper torso and later was pronounced dead at the scene.”

It’s reported that a gun was never found at the crime scene, and there was no evidence of a gun ever being at the scene.

Black Lives Matter L.A made a post about Twyman’s death:

Twyman’s family is unable to cover the costs for his death, and have created a GoFundMe, which reads:

WillowBrook, CA– Los Angeles Police shot and killed Ryan Twyman around 7:30 p.m on 6/6/2019 in the parking lot of an apartment complex located on 132nd and San Pedro.

Our family wants to give a big thanks to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles for helping us get through this.

Twyman was in his car with a close friend l when they were approached by two Los Angeles sheriff deputies . It is still unclear what led to the shooting. Twyman’s close friend and girlfriend were taken into custody following the shooting.

Security officers who work at the apartment complex were also taken into custody, stripped of their clothing, guns, and questioned in separate rooms.

No Gun was never found at the crime scene

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