Cobb County Video Shows Violent Teen Who Wants To ‘Kill Everybody’

Complexion for protection…

America repeatedly shows that some lives are more important for it to protect and preserve than others after a white teen student received preferential legal treatment despite showing obvious signs of being dangerously violent in his school.

On Aug. 6, 17-year-old Ty Holder was arrested after showing up for class drunk at his Cobb County, Georgia, high school. According to WSB-TV, when an assistant principal confronted him during second period, police said, Holder kicked the administrator in the groin. Reports also show that after kicking the assistant principal, he threatened other school officials as well as fellow students saying, “when I get out, I’m going to get a gun and come back and kill everyone.” Viral video showed Holder in handcuffs outside of his high school kicking violently at an unidentified man as a police officer and another man tried to hold him back.

The assistant principal had to be treated at the hospital for his injuries. WSB reported that Holder was charged with several crimes, including terroristic threats, alcohol possession on public school grounds, battery of a teacher and simple battery of an officer. He was initially held without bond.

On Monday, in peak white privileged fashion, a judge decided to reconsider Holder’s bond and lowered it to $10,000, which allowed him to be bailed out by a family member and he was taken to a mental health facility to be treated. That generous decision was made despite the recent spate of mass shootings and domestic terrorism being committed at the hands of white males whose profiles seem to match up quite well with Holder’s.

The Cobb County School District responded to the incident in a statement praising the officials at Walton High School:

Staff in all Cobb Schools are trained in prevention and intervention best practices and care about the welfare of every student in the District. Walton High School staff responded quickly and appropriately and did what they have been trained to do: prioritize every student’s safety while keeping the focus on teaching and learning.”

Though this story seems to have a happy ending for Holder, there have been countless Black teens that lost their lives on the mere suspicion of criminality. A tragic example would be Kalief Browder, who despite maintaining his innocence, was jailed at Rikers Island in 2010 at 16-years-old after being accused of robbing a teen of his backpack. Unlike Holder’s family, Browder’s family could not afford bail and he spent three years at the notorious jail, where he endured beatings from prison guards and inmates, as well as 400 days in solitary confinement. While charges were later dropped and he finally was released from jail, Browder suffered deep physical and psychological damage and committed suicide in 2015 at the age of 22.

via Cobb County Video Shows Violent Teen Who Wants To ‘Kill Everybody’ | News One

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