Black Hawaii and the South Pacific Secrets – Forbidden History

One of the biggest reason I was so hurt when I went to the “Polynesian Cultural Center” in Oahu and they had none of this there. And the Polynesian sounded hella coonish calling their old ways “savage”

*Things your teacher never taught you in school include the birth-place of the original people of Hawaii. Their ancestral linage is shrouded in lies, assimilation, deception, murder, genocide, myth, mystery and historical manipulation. All in an attempted to deceive and cover-up the fact that indigenous Hawaiians were Black and Brown people; descendants of the “motherland” who’s ancestral DNA link them directly to African.queen-of-hawaii

Blue Hawaii or modern day “Asian” Hawaii is a European colonization construct that Hollywood and Elvis Presley films and music help usher in. By implanting a false history narrative and images into our physic, thus creating an illegitimate illusion within pop culture conciseness of the world.


It’s an historical fact that when European Americans invaded the islands of what is now called “Hawaii” capturing the Black Queen Liliuokalani, and holding her prisoner in her own palace until her death, they made her the last Black queen of Hawaii, forever breaking and interrupting the royal African blood-line and historical legacy.

Europeans than imported tens of thousands of Asian immigrants who out numbered the indigenous and would soon replace the native population, becoming indentured servants for the invaders of the new illegally acquired islands.

Colonized History
The face and color of Hawaii has changed from its original black and brown skin inhabitants to reflect a new complexion, hue and culture created through European colonization and Asian migration.

The story of Black Hawaii and the South Pacific is tragic and catastrophic it’s a cautionary tale of decent, lies, murder and invasion, that has been covered up, ignored and erased from history.

However the good news is now the indigenous people of Polynesia are embracing their history, ancient ancestral past and African origin.


Today’s Hawaii has long been considered biased with regards to their indigenous Black-Brown inhabitants and called racist by people of color who are not equally welcome to create economic enterprise on the islands with the exception of maybe, President Barack Obama, the unofficial, island son.

The history of the first Black Hawaiians, as told by indigenous historians goes like this: A beautiful, loving, generous people welcomed European strangers to their land, showing them grand hospitality and generosity. After the greedy foreigners partook in the hosts and indigenous peoples uninhibited hospitality, in place of gratitude they stole, plundered, burned, ravaged, raped, killed and created genocide on the unsuspecting population. Then the European Americans and Asians assimilated the culture of the Island’s indigenous people. Think, “Game of Thrones.”


The European scheme of dominance plays it self out, around the world like a calculated, meticulous plot from a movie or video game, time after time, continent after continent, indigenous people after indigenous people; who all have one thing in common they are Black and Brown decedents of Africa.

Literally wiped off the map and stricken from history, from the Pacific Island to the Atlantic Caribbean islands, the Americas, Australia and everywhere in between.

There has been no, place that the European has ever gone in peace, with a bible, school teacher and an gun, that has turned out well for the original – indigenous people of the land.

The forbidden history of Black Hawaii and the South Pacific is another document case of genocide in global world history.


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