Moving and Movies…. life in Little Elm

Yeah I know I’ve personally been away for a few weeks but a brother has been hella busy. Moved across the DMV and had to get some logistics together and then I got bombed with movies & new TV shows.
First on deck was Don’t Let Go….

I enjoyed this movie and it’s unique storyline. Long story short, Uncle Cop (David Oyelowo) is super close with his neice (Storm Reid) and she ends up being killed with the rest of her family with no leads. A week later, uncle gets a call from said niece BUT she’s calling from a week in the past and he tries to prevent her death without destroying the timeline. There was some stupid moments BUT it wouldn’t be a movie without them because let’s face it, most people do stupid shit they would never admit to unless caught in the act.

Then there was UnDone which is this new TV series that debuted on Amazon Prime last week… it is a kinda weird and freaky show but the pilot did interest me. It involves this mexican girl (Rosa Salazer of Battle Angel Alita fame) who’s dad died and she’s coping with that as well as dealing with her annoying sister and mom. She has a car accident and when she wakes in the hospital, starts seeing her Dad and he tells her that she has a gift to bend reality. I really like the rotoscoping art style FX they used for the animation so that things looks sorta real and definitely not.

Then there was Bluff City Law…. yeah…. I don’t like lawyer shows BUT this was intriging…. Sydney Strait (Caitlyn McGee) is a high-powered lawyer who wins her cases with flair but her Dad (Jimmy Smits), who is a famous civil rights lawyer, comes calling for her to rejoin the firm and use her “powers” for good. The cases for me would be what would make me continue to watch it beyond the 1st ep but I know all the lawyer show lovers will love seeing Jimmy Smits do LA Law 2.0 lol

And last and certainly least, Hustlers which I have to admit was better than I thought it would be (mostly cuz Lizzo and Cardi B didn’t have much screen time.. THANK GOD). It’s sorta based on a true story about strippers drugging and basically robbing Wall Street cats and other well off folks by charging their credit cards like crazy. Constance Wu played the main character who comes off kinda innocent at first but Jennifer Lopez (doin her best J Ho lol) gives a taste of good money and they go HAM. Keke Palmer was in it and she wasn’t bad…. I almost liked the movie but after watching the real life stripper/robbers on 20/20 and the real Asian chick not being very sorry for the shit they did, I hope the movie flops so that yamp don’t get a dime off it (even though she has a memoir coming out).

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