Talib Kweli And Murs Talk White MCs, Gangs, And Lack Of Support For ‘Conscious Rap’ | People’s Party

On this episode of People’s Party, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with rapper (and world record holder!) Murs to discuss the massive influence of El-P and the formation of Run the Jewels, the ceiling for white rappers, the lack of support for “conscious rap” in Los Angeles, and whether gangs should incorporate.Murs also opens up about The Paid Dues Festival, the song/video “Animal Style,” and homophobia within the hip-hop community, his longtime friendship with producer 9th Wonder, and the parenting in the modern era. The entire episode is funny, heartfelt, and deeply thoughtful.

Interview timing:
2:32 — Talib asks Murs, “So first question, why did you taze me, bro?” and Murs tells the hilarious story of when he tazed Talib with a cattle prod on Eric Andre’s show.
6:09 — Murs offers a breakdown on some of the lyrics to his song “Pussy and Pizza.” Specifically those pointing to why doesn’t like doing interviews.
7:29 — Talib asks Murs why he thinks they never really collaborated even though they both move in the same circles.
8:25 — Murs talks about the conflicted feelings he has over the title “conscious rapper.”
10:39 — Murs gives his thoughts on the limitations that black underground rappers deal with chasing success, especially in Los Angeles.
13:53 — Murs talks about how crucial EL-P was in bringing his career to the next level. They also get into the struggle of white emcees during the 80s and 90s.
19:10 — Murs talks about feeling like he was people’s least favorite member of the groups he was in.
22:44 — Murs talks about growing up in a Crip neighborhood and selling weed at age 12.
25:42 — Jasmin asks Murs if he thinks it’s possible to be a gangbanger and pro-black simultaneously.
28:47 — Murs goes on to tell the story of what led up to him being introduced to the group Mystik Journeymen.
31:45 — Talib tells Murs he might be one of the few emcees with a deeper catalog than his own, and asks him how he maintains his prolific diligence.
34:46 — Jasmin talks about everyone needing to figure out their own definition of what success is.
37:27 — Murs talks about the Paid Dues Festival and why it felt like such an important platform for underground emcees getting notoriety.
43:36 — Talib mentions Tyler The Creator and his seeming lack of respect for conscious rap. They also discuss Kendrick Lamar and his start with Black Hippy.
46:43 — Murs talks about his experience working with major labels, and asking to stay out of the “black music” department.
49:42 — The trio discusses Murs’ song “Animal Style,” the homophobia within the culture, and the so-called “feminization of the black male.”
59:39 — Murs talks about why it’s easy for him to tap into topics that have long been considered taboo within the hip-hop community.
1:05:13 — Murs gives profound advice to those that struggle with understanding people dealing with depression and anxiety issues.
1:08:17 — Murs tells about how he got started working with producer 9th Wonder as well as Oh No.
1:12:00 — Murs explains why it’s been hard for him to watch the series “Snowfall,” then the convo evolves to comic book culture and its deep connection to hip-hop.
1:17:48 — Talib reminisces about reading Boondocks in the newspaper comics for the first time.
1:20:03 — The trio discuss in detail the roots of their differing stances on corporal punishment.
1:33:23 — Murs gets asked about his breaking of the Guinness World Record with a 26-hour rap marathon.

via Talib Kweli And Murs Talk White MCs, Gangs, And Lack Of Support For ‘Conscious Rap’ | People’s Party – YouTube

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