How to Kill Time While Waiting At The Car Dealership? Bang out on Cuphead!!!

So while the whip is getting serviced, I took the laptop and got it in! I actually got good at parrying I played so long…. and trust me I SUCKED at parrying before this. I’m not cold with it yet, but I can get my Supers a whole lot fast than I used to….

I kicked it off with a rematch against Croak & Ribby since I didn’t record my 1st subpar win….

and then I decided to work on my parrying skills in the 1st Mausoleum

then on to island 2 and Djimmi the Great

and next up… Beppi the Clown

and then on to Grim Matchstick

and then I figured let’s get some more skills and take on the 2nd Mausoleum

and then a little Run and Gun action in Funhouse Frazzle

and then I ended the day with Wally Warbles

and yes… I am playing on the easiest level and it’s still hard as all hell… trust me when I say folks was looking a little strange while I’m gesturing and fist pumping in my little cubicle. A bruh even thought I had some kind of portable Playstation with me cuz of the gamepad and I was like naaaah just a nice laptop. I did point out the PSP & PS2 emulators I have on there so I could play PS games but this is PC stuff right here…..

I’ll have some more of the Marlow Briggs saga coming soon as well… I just took a break from it for some more in and out games that don’t (intentionally) eat hours of time that I could use slightly more productively lol…

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