Es – The Do Better Challenge (Official Music Video)

Dope song and video!

Anyone who has frequented social media will be able to identify with someone inside or outside of their circle who fits the description. This jam is summary of the many wack things I’ve observed on my instagram and facebook feeds over the past few years. The moral of the story is… “Do better”! A number of themes covered on this one. Enjoy!Featured on the album entitled “Social Meteor Vol. 1: Inspired By My Timeline” by Es which is out right now at

Song credits:
Written and performed by: Es
Produced by: Rel McCoy

Video credits:
Director/DP: Robbie J
Cameras: Claude Quammie, Robbie J
Editor: Robbie J

Special thanks: Talent (starring)
Chloe Dudley
Yeti Becky Adeyemi
Puneet Rajput Bagga

Big shouts to the skateboarding community at Beasley Park, Hamilton, Ont for being so accommodating during the shoot.

Es music:…

Es on social media:

via Es – The Do Better Challenge (Official Music Video) – YouTube

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