It’s been a long time…..

That’s an appropriate title for a variety of the reasons…. goin to the Rakim show in Chicago being big!

Yeah I went home for Turkey Time to put in some work for some family and outfit them with new Windows 10 (I hate it but I can’t explain Linux to 60+ folks) PCs and 27 inch monitors. Hell they got better equipment that I have but that’s what u do for fam, make sure they good cuz I can hack the Pentagon with a Speak n Spell if I had to LMAOOOOOOOOOO (I kid I kid…. for all u Feds following)

Still adjusting to life in North Texas… it’s rural in a lot of ways but it’s more upscale than Fort Worth easily…. houses round here starting at half a mil but what I don’t get is all the Indians out here…. shit it’s more of them than YTs even…. I think it funny YT be worried about “Blacks” & Latinos taking over AmeriKKKa when they damn near giving it away to Indians and the Chinese.. but then u hear both groups describing themselves as “Brown Caucasians” or “Bananas” (yellow on the outside and white on the inside) and u realize that these colonized minds will help YT stay in some sort of power…..

I played the longest game of Monopoly EVER with my guys…. started somewhere around 7:30pm and we called it quits at 1:30am…. and this was supposed to be the new fast rules lol I started out good, took some hits and mortagaged a few properties but by the end I was holding 10 stacks and us 3 remaining  players were literally passing money back and forth with no end in sight…. THIS is how rich ppl stay rich…. as long as u keep the money within your circle, nobody loses…. it’s an abstract but u get the idea…

Then wifey got me tickets to see Rakim AND get his new book at the Harold Washington Cultural Center….

After a couple of “interesting” local acts I never heard of including some chick from Empire who Gabby Sidibe (aka Precious) came to see (and then promptly left) in a Bear jersey and orange leggings getting her pandering on lol

Finally, Ra comes out and they do a little interview and Q&A with the God….

Then it was time for the show…..

Then after that, all the VIPs (like me lol) got to get their books signed and I told him that he helped introduced me to 120 and is my namesake.


I think he got a kick outta that. He was maaaaad cool with everyone giving hugs and kisses to the ladies and it was a great experience for everyone there… I think…



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